virus TI vs virus KC vs Alesis andromeda a6

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virus TI vs virus KC vs Alesis andromeda a6

Postby BoostJunkie » Mon Dec 15, 2008 10:20 pm

been browsing this forum for a while but haven't posted until now.

As title says i'm interested in the pro's and cons of these synths as i am interested in buying one of them in the near future.

Price range is not too important to me but it was the reason i threw the kc into the subject.

my chosen style of music is Hardstyle/Hardtrance/Dutch Gabber hardcore :twisted:

At the moment my setup is Bland and i want a nice pro sounding synth.
I have a Korg pa60 16 track sequencer, i also have a Roland eg101 plus a Roland sh201 and a Boss dr 202 drum machine

I'm looking into computer sequencing but i would rather stick to hardware with rack upon rack of synths with multitrack recording (staying live and oldskool :D ) plus computers don't like me much :lol:

Any help yous knowledgable people can give is truely appreciated

Thank you guys

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