Digi 002R or 003R?

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Digi 002R or 003R?

Postby OriginalJambo » Fri Feb 27, 2009 11:23 pm

Okay, so I've been saving up for a new Pro Tools rig for a while now and the time to strike is close at hand. In at nutshell I'm basically putting together a mobile recording setup to hopefully start helping record demos for bands and the like. I want to know what'll be the best value for money between these two and am hoping you guys will be able to fill me in, since I know relatively little about Digidesign's audio interfaces:

First let's break it down:

  • Digi 002R - about £300-400 second hand. Will be able to upgrade to Pro Tools 8 LE for £40. So that's £340 in total, equal to around $500.
  • Digi 003R - £550 brand new with my Pro Tools 101 training discount (at around 40% before VAT), although this can only be used once however. All in all it'll come to around $790 then.

As for the differences, I do know of the extra headphone output, addition of world clock although I'm sure there a few other small improvements I've missed. Aside from this does the 003 have vastly superior pre-amps? Better D/A converters? I believe this is what's most important since I don't own any gear that offers world clock and I already own a small headphone mixer.

I understand the 002s pre-amps are generally regarded as nothing to write home about, although the 003 may be no different. h**l even if this is the case I realise other weak links (mics mainly) in my signal path may reduce the significance of this regardless. It doesn't help that the both only offer 4 pre-amps anyway, so no real loss there. I'm understanding both offer 8 channels of ADAT too, so I could always invest in a better D/A further down the line...

At the moment I'm leaning towards the 002R since that'll mean I'll have a healthier budget for mics, cables, stands etc., and my discount will still be preserved for future use - say if I want to upgrade to a factory system. However if anyone feels that the 003 is on a completely different level then please speak up! Oh and it's always nice to have a warranty too...:D

On another note I'll also be using it at home with my Soundcraft 200B desk obviously, so I'm hoping either will be at least a little step up from the 001 I currently own. Not that I mind too much really - just icing on the cake. ;)

Thanks guys.
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