Analog Hybrid's: Prophet VS vs Korg dw-8k vs polyevo vs k3

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Analog Hybrid's: Prophet VS vs Korg dw-8k vs polyevo vs k3

Postby aquablue » Wed Mar 25, 2009 1:52 am

How would you describe and compare these hybrid synths in terms of overall sound quality and which would you buy today? Which is the best for your money?

How do the cheaper korgs and kawais stack up to the venerable prophet vs and the new polyevolver? Can they match the sound of the later beasts for the lowly prices they go for?

Would you consider the Prophet VS the King of the hybrids due to its high price and history, or would the others match up in any way?
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Re: Analog Hybrid's: Prophet VS vs Korg dw-8k vs polyevo vs k3

Postby schmidtc » Wed Mar 25, 2009 9:53 pm

I've only played the prophet VS, so I can't say much about the others. I paid full price for it and it's worth every penny to me. Totally unique and versatile. I can't identify most synths it a blind sound test, except the VS. Some of the granular synthesis stuff done with software sounds similar to even though it's a different thing completely, but comparing it to most everything else is apples and oranges. The wavestation and tg-33 are both awesome, but something is missing when you put them next to the VS.
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Re: Analog Hybrid's: Prophet VS vs Korg dw-8k vs polyevo vs k3

Postby calyx93 » Wed Mar 25, 2009 10:21 pm

The K3 can be surprisingly great sounding. It may not offer many bells and whistles in terms of synthesis options (the user wave is really neat, though), but it's raw waves + SSM filter can get you into some PPG territory. It has a nice ensemble chorus too - good for string machine impressions.

The DW can be too muddy with its raw waves - but it too has a great filter. Would have sounded better with more harmonic content - i.e. brighter waves.

If you're going for raw wave quality, then I think the VS is best of the ones you mention - if only SCI had used SSM filters, then it would have been even better - simultaneously sparkly, raspy and smooth.
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