SH-101 vs Arp Axxe

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SH-101 vs Arp Axxe

Postby Gregor Samsa » Sat May 23, 2009 2:15 am

I know very little about analogs, but I'm looking for a good bass machine. I love the bass stuff I've heard from the SH, but someone told me that it and the Arp Axxe are very close in usage and sound. Any truth to this?
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Re: SH-101 vs Arp Axxe

Postby Herbert West » Sat May 23, 2009 2:43 am

I'd go with the SH-101, if only for the sequencer. I haven't heard an SH-101 personally, but I'm assuming it is at least more reliable than an Axxe. I owned a MKII Axxe (with the Moog-style filter) and it seemed like it was going to c**p out on me at any minute. Getting similar results each time was scarce. If you plan on performing live or using it frequently, I wouldn't recommend the Axxe. I wasn't really impressed with the sound either. Maybe because I am used to monosynths with at least two oscillators, but the bass was kind of thin. Only thing it did well in my opinion was strange bleeping and spacey noises. I'm guessing you can get fatter bass tones with the SH-101's one VCO with some more modulation routings.
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