37 keys Presets + Manual : Yamaha CS-15D vs ARP Explorer

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37 keys Presets + Manual : Yamaha CS-15D vs ARP Explorer

Post by LucB » Thu Aug 13, 2009 2:48 pm

After a few years in the vintage synth trade, i have figured out what i like best: old school poly multi-synths with a few landmark presets and a manual section with ASDR enveloppe. As for monosynths, i like the typical pseudo-simulation of real instruments, along with a few simple waveforms and modulation controls. While many companies have provided us with good or less than good examples of that, two have standed out as underrated yet very interesting: the ARP Explorer and the Yamaha CS-15D.

As usual we can get technical but i'd also like to hear you guys on the various issues in you've encountered, the general quality of the sound and how you use these synths.


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Re: 37 keys Presets + Manual : Yamaha CS-15D vs ARP Explorer

Post by Automatic Gainsay » Sat Aug 15, 2009 4:23 pm

I can't comment on the Explorer— never had or heard one.

I can comment on the CS-15D.
Yes, it has presets, and yes the manual control section is pretty limited (primarily because it doesn't give access to important parts of the filter), but I have to say that it has a fantastic sound I haven't heard the like of but from its fancier sibling. There is a warm foamy aspect to its sound which is foreign to most Japanese synths, and I love it.

Great modulation control section... including a "brilliance (fc)" slider and sustain control.
Sample and Hold and waveform repeat as modulation options.
Waveform mixer knob... balancing square and saw output. Cool sounding with PW adjustment.
A variety of great standard-analog sound presets which, when mixed together, generate a huge variety of analog sounds.
Remember: this is basically two synths in one... and while you don't have control of all of the aspects like you do in the CS-15, there are still some of the dual-synth benefits.
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