Jupiter-4 vs Roland Sh-2 & Jx3p vs Juno2

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Re: Jupiter-4 vs Roland Sh-2 & Jx3p vs Juno2

Postby 0e0 » Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:57 am

i would keep the jx-3p.
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Re: Jupiter-4 vs Roland Sh-2 & Jx3p vs Juno2

Postby Pro5 » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:22 pm

Having now owned an SH-2 for some time, I'd say (years later) that you'd have to go some way to sound better in the VCOs than the SH-2. JP-4 is cool, 4 poly, unison, but it's a SINGLE osc with sub, vs (real) Dual oscs with sub, independent oscs that is. The JP-4 won't sound as full, rich or warm as the SH-2 when in non unison mode, and in unison mode you are stacking 4 of the exact same oscs, not 2 that can be varied in shape, pitch and a number of other interesting things in how they interact.

Though it would appear to the untrained eye that a Jupiter 4 would win easily, the SH-2 is one of 3 best mono synths ever invented, tonally and bass/punch wise. It shits all over a Juno 6/60. Its filter is not the 'famous' one but it's still very good and more than compliments the VCOs.

So, final answer after years of thinking. Keep JX-3P and SH-2 from those 4.

Obviously you've probably sold the lot by now and become an accountant, but for future readers my words are here...
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