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E-mu XL-7 Command Station Vs. Akai MPC-3000/2000Xl

Posted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 11:17 pm
I'm primarily concerned with sequencing capabilities, although I know the MPC is renowned as a drum machine (so perhaps E-mu's PX-7 would be a more apropos contender).

Thanks in advance for your opinions and insights :D

Re: E-mu XL-7 Command Station Vs. Akai MPC-3000/2000Xl

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 4:40 pm
by balma
MPC is a good sampler and a sequencer for other gear at the same time, drum machine is only one of his functions.

On sequencing area, XL7 has 300.000 notes, same as the Mpc 2000. MPC has 32 tracks generally for composing, XL7 has 16 tracks, but you can compress 16 tracks inside a Multimidi channel, to release the others, becoming equal to MPCin track''s amount.

MPC is more fluid when controlling tracks, but XL7, has more options to play and going weird with those tracks, and it's more customizable.

As a sequencer, I think the MPC could be more comfortable. But the XL7, has a longer learning curve if you want to go serious with it and investing on ROMs. It's truly a deep instrument, with an excellent sound engine, full of features, knob tweakings and all kind of stuff besides the sequencer. By far one of the most awesome romplers I have played ever.

I dunno how much the price factor weights on you, but those MPCs you mention, are 3 times the price of the XL7

Re: E-mu XL-7 Command Station Vs. Akai MPC-3000/2000Xl

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:17 pm
by wiss
I think it really comes down to what you, the user, is most comfortable with. The MPC 2000XL and 3000 are way too different machine that primarily do the same thing. The 3000 and 2000XL have completely different feel to them and that is going to get me way off topic. (Main difference that is a basic concern to you is MIDI outputs, the 3000 have 4 midi outs and the 2000XL has 2 midi outs) The MPC is only limited to the user digging deep into the machine....I'm been using one for the last 3 to 4 years and I'm just really learning the ins and outs about how to manipulate the s**t out of the machine based on the natural limitations of the MPC 60 & 3000. Using it only for a general sequencer, I really did not explore its true depths. I would avoid the 3000, I own it, and it's by far the best one. As far as a general sequencer for other instruments, I would go the MPC2000 not the XL. It's not in high demand and it can be picked up on a regular basis for $250 to $300. I have little time in front of the EMU XL-7; it's a solid machine with built in sounds and a very decent sequencer. I never sequenced other machine with it; just synced it up with other sequencers and so I can not give you any valuable information on that(sequencing other instruments).

Re: E-mu XL-7 Command Station Vs. Akai MPC-3000/2000Xl

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:42 pm
by thinkingbeat
I second Balma's comment on the long learning curve for the E-mu Command Stations. They are very, very deep, but it will take some serious time & effort to get it to do what you want. (I have no experience with the MPCs)

Having said that, the E-mus are unique units offering a heckuva value for money. I believe they are under-priced for the performance they offer. Not only that, but if you buy at a good price you generally won't lose money at this point. Buying an MPC is another story altogether, and you have to check condition very carefully.

I had a PX-7 (bought from a VSE member) and it was a great sounding unit - if you like sampled drum sets. I wanted more synth-y sounding drums and didn't feel they were there. You also get a lower number of synth sounds on the PX-7 given its drum focus. Plus, the PX-7 sells for a premium above the MP-7 and XL-7.

Good luck!

Re: E-mu XL-7 Command Station Vs. Akai MPC-3000/2000Xl

Posted: Fri Apr 16, 2010 7:23 pm
by balma
All the gear in my signature, is controlled in some way by my couple of command stations.

All my music composed on the last 7 years, has some relevant element from the command stations.

All my live acts, will have command stations as the main instruments for almost everythin.

Each one costed me $300-350. The price is even funny for the multiple applications you can give to them.

I just say something that must consider, apart from comparing gear: almost no one can go wrong with that emu sequencer.

It's like those Funduro Dakar BMW motorcycles. They work for the city or offroad, have adjustable suspension. They are strong, but not so much go over 160 mph, they need minimum maintenance, parts are cheap, have low compsumption, economic, look pretty, have reputation. One of the most complete bikes ever....

And always a good purchase.... :mrgreen: I see the Emu with that perspective.

I think these sequencers will go over the $500 in a short-mid term...

and I envy you for the PK7. I want to have the three versions and becoming millionary in 5-6 years when they increase price