MPC 2000XL VS MPC 2500

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Re: MPC 2000XL VS MPC 2500

Postby GameChanger » Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:28 pm

Yea I agree, I hate how people think the 2000Xl has this warm sound. Huh? Its not warm at all, I actually think the 2500 sounds punchier. But both are fairly clean. With the 2Xl honestly to me sounding a bit thinner, and I used one of those for 7 years. I now only use a 60, because its the only one w/ definitive sound that I enjoy, and its options like 8 outs, effects in/out, 4 Midi, & monitoring do it for me.

I say just find a good deal on a 2500 and grab it, its probably the best (w/ JJOS) feature packed MPC, except for the 4000.
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