Vintage Moog modular vs. Synthesizers .com modular

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Vintage Moog modular vs. Synthesizers .com modular

Postby TheKeytarist » Mon Feb 28, 2011 3:16 am

First off, if this has already been discussed in a previous thread, could some one please direct me to it?

And now to the beef of the thread; I would like to know the advantages/disadvantages of both, such as reliablity, feel/look, and sound quality. The reason I say sound quality is because of the Minimoog d and the voyager. While the voyager can sound creamy and phat like the Mini D, it "suffers from darker oscillators". The model D however can do that and still manages to sound brighter and more gritty.

Does anybody own both? Have you used one or the other? If so, please answer my question and satisfy my curriosity.
Thanks in advance, TheKeytarist
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Re: Vintage Moog modular vs. Synthesizers .com modular

Postby VortexRanger » Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:12 am

I'd also like to hear about this one.

I have a dotcom modular, which after about two years remains quite stable and reliable. It is not a full system but rather their entry system that I've added a few extra modules to, so I have: three oscillators, two envelopers, one amp, one filter, one multiple, one mixer, external instrument interface, clipper/rectifier, ring modulator, and I also have a Moog CP-251 control processor that is basically a bunch of simplified modules in one.

My only experience with Moog modulars is on records, Wendy Carlos etc. I can say that the dotcom is the most powerful-sounding of any synth in my collection, which also includes a Little Phatty, Poly800, Juno 106, and plenty of digital and virtual stuff too. The thing just sounds like a woken and angry beast by comparison to any of them. I think its sound is "thicker" and more "scorched" and less "bright" and "chirpy" than a Moog modular, but without hands-on or side-by-side experience I'm not sure how much of that is just my own patching style and the type of sounds I like to make.

I hope someone here has had experience with both.
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