If you had a choice: Microwave XTK or Virus TI?

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If you had a choice: Microwave XTK or Virus TI?

Post by N8-R » Sun Feb 19, 2012 8:57 pm

I have two prospective trades for my Tempest:
1. Virus TI keyboard
2. Microwave XTK 10 voice + cash

Both synths can obviously do wavetables and interesting, experimental, digital stuff very well.

What I like about the TI:
used to own one, so i know what i'm getting
newer technology
complex synth engine
huge polyphony
build quality
fair even trade

What I don't love about it:
sometimes requires some menu diving
petty as it may sound, I'm not in love with the black and red color scheme
not as "unique" as the XTK

What I like about the XTK:
it's orange
front panel controls for almost everything
rare, so it has a certain uniqueness that the virus lacks. Also, even though it's worth less than the virus, it will probably retain it's current resale value a little better.
I would also get some cash out of the trade
did I mention it's orange?

What I may not love about the XTK:
older (worried about failing parts, components, etc)
lower polyphony
two oscillators only
same wavetable for both oscillators
even though I'm getting cash out of the trade, it's hard to gauge HOW much cash I should expect out of the trade. Street prices for these older synths seems to fluctuate a lot.

So there. Also, I do realize that there are some plugin synths that could very well do what the virus and XTK could do. Zebra, Massive, etc. come to mind. It's all about the user interface experience. Plugins can get boring... real fast.

Also, I'm all ears regarding other synths. Currently, those are the only worthwhile offers I've received.

Rick N Boogie
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Re: If you had a choice: Microwave XTK or Virus TI?

Post by Rick N Boogie » Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:04 pm

Hard to say, since I'd rather own a Tempest- but that's me. I am a virus fan, owning a kb, but had considered the XTK also. The Virus menu-diving is the only downside to a Virus that I can think of, and having everything surface mounted would always be preferrable, so the Waldorf could be very tempting. Still, the tempest is an awesome analog drum machine, and I'm not sure giving that up is such a great idea. Not much help, am i? Tough choice, I wish you all the best in this endeavor.
Bassist, synth junkie

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