Crumar BitOne v. Oberheim OBxA

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Re: Crumar BitOne v. Oberheim OBxA

Postby vcs3 » Sun Mar 11, 2012 4:53 pm

synthparts wrote:The Bit One I had for years definitely did not! Maybe there was an update? Is the MIDI still stuck in Omni mode only and no sysex?

May be was update in factory (I'm the only owner).
Yes and No :-(
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Re: Crumar BitOne v. Oberheim OBxA

Postby madtheory » Wed Mar 21, 2012 2:41 pm

vcs3 wrote:
synthparts wrote:The Bit One keyboard has just about the WORST interface you can imagine. Yes to go from 00 to 99 you have to press the Inc button 99 times..

My BitOne goes from 0 to 99 leaving the inc button pressed!

Mine scrolls through the values too. It's not a very well designed synth, but it's not SO bad that they'd make you press the button 99 times!

However, they are terribly unreliable synths, this could easily be a failed part on the PCB (which is very badly made). And I'm fairly certain there is only one version of the EPROM- but synthparts if you need a copy I can send you a copy of mine, if it's a later version. Can't remember if the thing is even stickered with a version number...

I don't use my Bit anymore, I can get the same sound from the Novation KS Rack.
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