Emu Planet Earth vs Korg Wave Drum Oriental

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Emu Planet Earth vs Korg Wave Drum Oriental

Postby CaveDweller » Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:26 am

Sorry...didn't know quite how to phrase this topic. I have been slowly ridding myself of "full size" romplers but I find myself having a hard time parting with my Emu Planet Earth. I really like alot of the organic drum sounds in this module. There is also alot of crappy filler as well. I need to free up some studio real estate, though. I am thinking about selling it and getting a Korg Wavedrum Oriental. I KNOW the Wavedrum has no MIDI...BUT...the interactive experience of HAND on DRUMSKIN is quite appealing. I've checked out the program charts (and as many demos as I could find) and it seems like most of the percussive sounds (that I am LOOKING for) are IN the Wavedrum and sound FANTASTIC. I think my Roland XV2020 (equipped with an SRX09 World) might fill in any remaining holes in the sonic "world" pallete. Also,..most of my experience with the EMU has left me wishing I was playing a "drum head" rather than a keyboard controller. I think the "real time" performance required by the WaveDrum (in terms of recording) might be a bit more rewarding (both sonically AND emotionally) than pounding the keys of a midi controller. Any thoughts? Thanks.

P.S. Not looking to get into a "VST vs Hardware" argument here. Just looking for opinions on the WaveDrum Oriental from folks who have heard/owned an Emu Planet Earth. Cheers.
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