Ensoniq SQ-80 vs Korg DW-8000 ?

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Re: Ensoniq SQ-80 vs Korg DW-8000 ?

Post by max badwan » Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:40 am

Kenneth wrote:The one thing that sets the DW apart from the rest, to me, is the DELAY. Holy moses. One of the coolest, easiest to use, and useful delays I have ever come across. I wish Korg would release that delay as a pedal or module, I would be the first to pre order.
The SDD range of delays are the same as found in the DW and the DS-8.
I've owned both, the ESQ/SQ have some synthesis features missing from the DW, and more waveforms, but the DW is a great board to actually play.

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Re: Ensoniq SQ-80 vs Korg DW-8000 ?

Post by Srekeptrank » Mon Dec 26, 2016 3:30 am

I personally owned a PPG wave of 2.3 in the 90s and I can tell you that the Esq 1 are sq 80 which are identical except for the addition of disk drive sequencer and additional waveforms in the SQ 80 is the closest thing I have ever heard to the way the PPG sounds which is incredible. It makes beautiful Crystaline sounding bell sounds and honting choir sounds like the wave . Sad They never created a way to add additional waveforms to the wave tables and also the architecture around the CPU is so limited there is no way to have real-time editing with an external programmer on the esq 1 are sq 80 , the vfx is cool but it does not have the voltage controlled amplifier and filter chips like the others too, it does not have the same sound characteristics that are so remarkable . I personally wouldn't even bother trying to compare it to the Korg de 8000 but interesting to note Depeche Mode use the DW 8000 on the black celebration album with depesh mode in the 80s which was a relatively inexpensive synthesizer compared to a PPG wave which would be over $20,000 in today's money that they also used extensively on that album and in the early days along with the emulator II which everybody knows about.

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