Prophet 5 rev2 vs Prophet 5 rev3

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Prophet 5 rev2 vs Prophet 5 rev3

Post by Grumblepig » Thu Jul 03, 2014 10:18 pm

Not like I'm in a position to pick up ANY version Prophet 5 at the moment, but I'm curious if anyone's had hands-on experience with both the rev 2 and rev 3 models. I owned a rev 2 some years back, and of course loved it beyond belief. This was before I'd even heard of rev 2 or rev 3 or rev anything - it was just a Prophet 5 and it sounded like it was supposed to. Without going into the sob story, needless to say I don't have a Prophet anymore, but someday would love to end up with one again. Please chime in if you've got opinions on the difference in sound between versions.

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Re: Prophet 5 rev2 vs Prophet 5 rev3

Post by ppg_wavecomputer » Fri Jul 04, 2014 8:41 am

Not a Rev. 2 but a Rev. 1 -- we compared it side-by-side with a Rev. 3.3. The difference was there but minuscule. The 1 was perhaps a bit more funky (i. e. less stable).

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Re: Prophet 5 rev2 vs Prophet 5 rev3

Post by 8bit9bot » Thu Aug 14, 2014 8:09 pm

i own a rev3.3 - i never used both side by side but i've heard comparisons online... there are a few floating around - they're really close but these are the differences AFAIK:

1) rev 2 is a little softer and 3 is brighter when using hardsync and FM

2) rev 2's triangle wave is louder when using mixed waveforms

3) rev 2 is always very slightly detuned (in a desirable way)

4) rev 2's resonance character is more fuzzy and 3's is more harsh

other than those small details they sound really close - i doubt you'd ever know which you were hearing in a mix - some people may disagree with me but all you need to do is track down those comparisons online and judge for yourself

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Re: Prophet 5 rev2 vs Prophet 5 rev3

Post by Firechild » Fri Aug 15, 2014 9:24 am

I owned both , now only Rev 2 but I miss the Rev 3.3 too.
At first listen when I got the Rev 2 I thought they were surprisingly similar sounding despite the totally different chip setup , the Rev2 is using SSM chips and Rev3 curtis.
However after playing a couple of hours the difference became huge.
The Rev 2 is sounding much softer , smooth and silky , a bit more 3D due to the more "organic" tuning.
The rev 3 is more flat sounding but yet , more in your face , slightly more aggressive in a good way. The Rev3 is slightly more noisy as well.
I sold the Rev3 because I had a Prophet 600 as well and I thought I could get the Prophet Curtis sound from the P600 but I regret selling the Rev 3.3 as the Rev2 can´t replace it 100 percent. The Unison mode is way better on the Rev3.3 as the oscillators are all over the place on the Rev2 making the Unison mode huge even though you just want to use it for playing some solo lines with glide without a too obvious 10 oscillator behemoth sound...
Here is a video with the Rev 3.3 and you can see the Rev 2 above the Rev 3.3.

Here is a video with the Rev 2.

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Re: Prophet 5 rev2 vs Prophet 5 rev3

Post by corndogssg » Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:19 am

dam firechild, you f**k rock! I loved bothed songs you made with your two versions of prophet 5's!!! THEY ARE REALLY GOOD MAN. I remember seeing a beat up to s**t prophet 5 in my local music store in around 1994 for only 300 bucks, and of course I didn't buy it as I needed to save up damn near 2 grand for my first synth the roland xp 80 and the jv80 techno card. Oh what a foolish kid I was ;) I remember thinking it sounded cool, but was like wtf is analog? that's old school tech, I want digital. lol

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