micrco Q vs blofeld

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micrco Q vs blofeld

Postby corndogssg » Tue Jul 15, 2014 10:50 am

is the blofeld just an older version of the micro Q? do they pretty much sound the same and over lap. This site gives the Q a five star and the blo gets a four rating. so it lead me to wonder if people like the micro Q better or if they are pretty much the same synths or really what to believe. I love my blofeld, up until last week when the sound went quite, looking on the web this is do to a cheaply made part on waldorfs money saving end. it's an easy fix, still makes me mad when a company cuts corners to save a buck and ends up with a car that they have to recall several thousands of because of some bs. oh the allmighty dollar. ehhhh n e ways............ (also after ordering a kiwi technics patch editor to mainly control my kiwi 106 and jx10 i noticed it works with a micro q which is cool)

micro Q vs blofeld...................whats your opinion.
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Re: micrco Q vs blofeld

Postby Mino » Wed Jul 16, 2014 12:04 pm

Someone said "Micro Q is similar to Blofeld but all the things said works!"

I think the new Blofeld OS got most of the bugs out though.

Micro Q has multi outs (3 stereo) and it's expandable to 75 voices which might help on multitimbral setups. No samples or filter curves though.

I went the big Q route, tough decision for me. I would go for an expanded microQ over Blofeld.
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Re: micrco Q vs blofeld

Postby ellaguru » Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:04 pm

Many expert friends of mine said the microQ over the blofeld by far. Some of them said to me that with the blofeld Waldorf tried to ressamble Microwave+microQ characteristics but without their personality...
I don't know if it counts but the microQ got a IN to filter the sound (don't know if the blofeld got this too...)
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