Post-punk, new-wave (cheap) synth?

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Re: Post-punk, new-wave (cheap) synth?

Postby Saboteur » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:05 pm

A quite delayed update:

The JP i was checking then was a wreck unfortunately. After months of seeking an alternative I ended up getting a Novation K-Station for less than $200 (165 euros).

I can say i'm quite amazed. It's very simple to use and although it's mostly "trance" orientated (well the JP is too) it can create very warm and complex sounds. Very happy up to now.

Just a question. The only restrictive issue of the K-Station is the 25 key keyboard. What could I get to expand it? Is it a Master midi? Will i be able to still use the knobs of the K-Station while playin the keys on the midi?
Any specific (budget friendly) suggestions for 49 keys? I found an Alesis Q49 for 45 euros. Any good?

Thank you once again :)
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