Polysynth help (Volca/microkorg/micromonsta)

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Polysynth help (Volca/microkorg/micromonsta)

Postby safeasmilk » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:59 am

Hey, I'm pretty much completely new to the world of hardware synths. I'm mostly a guitar & bass player, but I always liked messing around with free software synths on my midi keyboard to add layers to my music. As a general rule I always prefer hardware over software, and I was getting tired of playing synth in a DAW, so I decided it was time to get a real synth. My dad bought me a Moog Sub Phatty for my birthday, and I love the way it sounds, and I am having tons of fun fiddling with the knobs to find new sounds. But, I have to say, I am really missing the ability to play chords, so I was thinking about getting a second cheaper synth to do poly stuff. I really like the analog sound, but I'm open to something digital.I'm not really sure how to describe it, but essentially i want something that can do chords and will sound lush and pretty. I know i like the sound of analog synths, so i wonder if virtual analog would make sense. I don't have very much money at all, and there is a Volca keys and Microkorg for around $100 used in my area. So I'm sort of leaning towards one of those, although they're not my favourite, just cause its so affordable. the microkorg especially seems like a really good deal in a way, but i don't know if i'll like the sound of it. i don't like that much of what I've seen in demo videos at least. If i don't buy either of those, the micromonsta sounds really good to me in demos and theres a Roland Ju-06 for $200 available. Any advice would be much appreciated. If anyone has another suggestion for an affordable polysynth, that would be great. Also, an opinion on whether the volca keys or microkorg would make most sense.
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Re: Polysynth help (Volca/microkorg/micromonsta)

Postby groy » Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:45 am


For 100 bucks, if it’s in decent condition and not much effort to go get, I say just get the microkorg.

It’s versatile in it’s sound and has a nice deep engine to learn on with plenty of support/patches/ideas online. Dig in and play around with it. If you find you still don’t like the sound you can sell it and you’ll get your $100 back. Know that if you continue to enjoy making music with synths it won’t be the last poly you buy. But for now the only down side is the 4 voice limit and whatever effort it takes to go pick it up and sell it again.
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