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Roland D-10

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:30 pm
by ian
Hey everyone,
Recently bought a patch bay off a Craigslist fella, and found a Roland D-10 sitting in his storage space winking at me. He says he'll sell it for $100 ( which means I can talk him down). I looked online and I think it's kind of an awesome synth. That said, I already have a Korg DW8000, a Kawai 1 ii, a Kawai 3, and various FM's- Not the same but you know...

I need a new laptop because my ex spilled red wine all over mine and despite my best efforts it is no more for this world. All my money should be set aside for a new computer, so I can record again, but I grew up with antique dealers for parents, so I have an inhereited " if it's a deal, buy it" mentality. There's also many other more useful gear(s) I should be putting money away for, but I can't shake the nagging feeling that I am walking away from a pretty cool instrument; at a give away price. I don't mind the clunky interface sort of stuff, as much as some might, because I can usually figure out a happy medium between full on nerd out vs. plug and play.

Talk me out of it? I feel like my down fall in gear acquisition is often quantity over quality, I tend to fall in love with three eyed, one legged strays.

Re: Roland D-10

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:59 pm
by ian
On the same note=

A problem arose when the expansion card was removed. The Performance patches disappeared
and the editing buttons stopped responding. Good news is that all the module's sounds still work fine
and sound great. There three banks (A and B) with 64 sounds each and (Internal) with another
64 sounds. Even without the performance mode it's a great sounding addition to any setup. $25"

Add $25 gas money + 3 hrs driving ... Worth it?

Re: Roland D-10

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:41 am
by Ashe37
probably needs a hard reset. the jv 1080 i bought had 4 expansion cards in it and guitar center didnt even know it.

Re: Roland D-10

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:35 pm
by crystalmsc
ian wrote:a Korg DW8000, a Kawai 1 ii, a Kawai 3, and various FM's- Not the same but you know...
I own a D-50 and D-110, based from your collection you might like it. It's a simpler, more lo-fi sounding D-50 with crappy fx. But the engine is capable for some interesting result, especially through an outboard processor. I assumed that you are familiar using synths with a limited interface, the editing can be hard without an editor. If you are into the MT-32 type of game music, it can be a good choice.
ian wrote:D-10 for $100

JV-80 "$25" Add $25 gas money + 3 hrs driving ... Worth it?
There are some discussions that the JV-80 sounds more open than the darker sounding JV-1080. To me the JV-1080 plugin is something like that. If it didn't have to be a hardware, the math could lead to the cloud subs and keep either the D-50 or JV-1080 plugin after a year. But if it has to be a hardware, imho the JV-880 is a better value, especially with an expansion board in the future.