Selling MS2000B to fund new synth - Monologue or Gaia?

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Selling MS2000B to fund new synth - Monologue or Gaia?

Post by ralphonz » Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:21 pm

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a bit of advice. I'm considering selling my Korg MS2000B to fund a better synth. I've had the MS2000 for years but its just a bit too aggressive and digital sounding for me. Hooked up to the DAW I don't really use the modulation sequences so much as it's easier to modulate parameters in MIDI. I also don't really like all the menu diving, particularly for tempo sync etc and find it a bit clunky to program.

I currently also own an MS20 mini which I love.

I'd like advice on what to buy with the funds raised from the MS2000B. The MS20 is quite an aggressive synth so I'm looking for something that can make big, smooth and pad sounds. So far I've considered a Korg Minilogue which look great, or a Roland Gaia. What else would be a good option? Pros and cons of the Gia or minilogue vs the MS2000? I'm looking around the £500-£600 mark as my MS2000B is in great condition with a flight case, manual, gooseneck mic and brand new power adapter I hope to be able to get near this amount for it. Oh, I've also considered a behringer deep-mind, a little more expensive perhaps but looks good on paper. But anything behringer I've ever bought has fallen apart far too quickly....

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone might have!

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Re: Selling MS2000B to fund new synth - Monologue or Gaia?

Post by Ashe37 » Fri Jan 19, 2018 4:05 pm

If you're looking to get away from digital sounding, the Gaia is not your synth.

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