Looking for a sampler groovebox

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Looking for a sampler groovebox

Postby assidbass » Sun Jan 28, 2018 12:29 am

To put it straight - my music passion is greater than my knowledge, but they are both big enough, i suppose

I am looking to buy a groovebox sampler (tabletop sampler) under 400 eur. I am obsessed with these because i am a techno maniac, even though i was born late after the oldschool rave era. Back to the point, i am looking for something that passes these requirements:

>Budget piece of gear (under 400 eur)
>Is a groovebox
>Doesn't break easily, because shipping new parts would be a major hassle because i live in SE Europe
>Isn't too complicated
>Can sequence up to 4 bars/64 steps

So far I've looked at Korg Electribe (too expensive), Korg ES1, Yamaha SU700 and some others. So far, Yamaha SU700 looks like the best choice, but it has some problems that require part replacement. I'd like to know more about ES1 and SU700 since they are the cheapest, but i am not sure about them being able to make 4 bar sequences. Or maybe there are some other newer or older samplers that pass my requirements better than these two? Thanks in advance for the replies
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