Looking to buy a Synth and Drum Machine

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Looking to buy a Synth and Drum Machine

Postby Robpm9995 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:49 am

Hey guys, I'm pretty to new to the world of synths, but I'm working my way around slowly. Right now, my rig consists of only a Behringer DeepMind 6. I love the synth, but there are a few limitations. So here's what I'm looking for:

-Keyboard that has piano, E. Piano, Brass, Pads, Strings, just the stuff the DeepMind doesn't have.
-Preferably a full-size keyboard, like 61 or 88 keys.
-Durable, I plan on using it lve
-Polyphonic, preferably more than 8 voices
-For what its worth, I'd be willing to get a rack and a midi controller if it fits the budget

Budget: $350-400
(I understand there may not be a synth/keyboard out there that fits all of these, but I just need something in the ballpark)

I also have no rhythm! I have some plugins in my computer. I really like the LinnDrum and the DMX, as well as some others. I definitely don't have the money for those. My preferences for the drum machine are quite simple.

-Capability to load my own samples (so I can add in the LinnDrum etc.)
-Sequencer, preferably with savable sequences.

Budget: $350-$400

I have done some research and I only came up with the Roland JD-Xi, which has both the sounds I need and a drum machine. The only thing that concerns me is the size and number of keys.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! (So sorry, I'm a noob :mrgreen: )
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