Looking to buy a Synth and Drum Machine

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Looking to buy a Synth and Drum Machine

Post by Robpm9995 » Sat Sep 22, 2018 4:49 am

Hey guys, I'm pretty to new to the world of synths, but I'm working my way around slowly. Right now, my rig consists of only a Behringer DeepMind 6. I love the synth, but there are a few limitations. So here's what I'm looking for:

-Keyboard that has piano, E. Piano, Brass, Pads, Strings, just the stuff the DeepMind doesn't have.
-Preferably a full-size keyboard, like 61 or 88 keys.
-Durable, I plan on using it lve
-Polyphonic, preferably more than 8 voices
-For what its worth, I'd be willing to get a rack and a midi controller if it fits the budget

Budget: $350-400
(I understand there may not be a synth/keyboard out there that fits all of these, but I just need something in the ballpark)

I also have no rhythm! I have some plugins in my computer. I really like the LinnDrum and the DMX, as well as some others. I definitely don't have the money for those. My preferences for the drum machine are quite simple.

-Capability to load my own samples (so I can add in the LinnDrum etc.)
-Sequencer, preferably with savable sequences.

Budget: $350-$400

I have done some research and I only came up with the Roland JD-Xi, which has both the sounds I need and a drum machine. The only thing that concerns me is the size and number of keys.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! (So sorry, I'm a noob :mrgreen: )

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Re: Looking to buy a Synth and Drum Machine

Post by iowagold » Fri Mar 29, 2019 10:14 pm

just buy a keyboard midi controller... then add the modules you like!!
the good stuff is not cheap...
but there are some budget brands that are ok!!
try m-audio m88 for a key bed price 199-300 depending on the seller.
sound modules range from 90.00 up to what ever you want to spend!!

now if you are looking for good gear....
try a roland a88 keybed… 830.00 used to 1000.00 for the midi key bed new
that is pre patched for the super natural...
then add an integra7 sound module right now they run from 1000.00 used to 1600.00 from sweetwater as brand new!!
roland integra7 sweetwater usa
Paul in Iowa

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