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Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:57 pm
by rupert
Thanks for the advice, I realised pretty soon after posting last time that I was barking up the wrong tree regarding the ms-10 etc. I like the look and sounds of the two synths you recommended, but Ive also been caught bu the Ms-2000, do you think this could be a good choice as an alternative to what you suggested. Thanks!

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 12:37 am
by Jason13
The MS 2000 is a very cool VA synth with a nice vocoder on it, I think it could be a good choice for you as everything is clearly laid out and there is not much menu diving on it. The MS 2000 would be good to learn on, it is complex enough that you can grow into it and could be a mainstay in your setup for years to come! Good choice.

Thanks Again

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 1:53 pm
by rupert
Cheers, now Ive got a real dilemma on my hands!!! Im looking at all three synths in Ebay and can probably stretch to buy the An1x and the K-Station you suggested or the MS-2000. Would the combination of the first two provide more flexibility and range as Ive read that the MS-2000 doesnt allow for very big sounds. On the other hand I feel Id be better off learning to play one instrument at a time?

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 7:33 pm
by Jason13
I would go for a K Station and get to grips with that and then get an An1x later. The K Station is great lo learn on and that alone will keep you going for a good while. When you are comfortable with it, maybe have a look at getting a 2nd synth and an AN1x would be an excellent choice.

Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 3:51 am
by hu-man
I normally look for a unique synthesis form that I don't have access to yet. (wavetable, transwave, analog, FM, VA, etc.)

I want to hear and create what i haven't heard or created yet!

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:23 am
by lnr
Hey all, I'm also choosing a synth to buy.

1. What is your budget?

Looking for sth affordable. 100-400$?

2. What are you into? (music, sounds, etc)

Experimental electronic music, post-rock, folktronica. Looking for synth that has got nice warm, melancholic sounds that can make you feel sad. Maybe, let's say, something in spirit of e.g. icelandic band múm (does anybody know them? if not type "green grass of tunnel", "we have a map of the piano" or "the ghosts you draw on my back" in youtube - then you'll know what kind of sounds I want). Other artists I like: Hood, Mice Parade, Mogwai...

3. Live, studio, or personal home use?

All three.

4. Level of synth expertise? (beginner, intermediate, etc)


5. List what gear you already have.

Yamaha VSS-30, PSS-380, PSS-100, Bontempi chord organ and some casio keyboard I'll soon get rid of

I was thinking about Korg 800 Mk2 (warm sound, looks cool, is quite cheap) or some Juno type synth. But I don't really know what would be the best choice. It must have midi, knobs/sliders are welcome as well as velocity, doesn't have to have possibilites that would allow me to play industrial, dnb, disco, or anything I don't wanna play. And it won't be Korg MS2000 or microkorg this time.

Posted: Tue Jul 10, 2007 11:27 pm
by kogmachine
Hey stillearning (or anyone) maybe you can help me.

1. What is you budget?
Currently $0 but I'm willing to save up for a Virus TI Kb or a Waldorf Q+

2. What are you into? (music, sounds, etc)
I make a type of Industrial Dance Orchestral Electronica. I want to have clean vocals with a little bit of distorted vocals, well placed audio clips from movies, soulful pads and strings, dirty trance-ish arpeggios... analog and very melodic, heavy distorted kicks, delayed hats, abrasive snares and gritty sound effects. True Industrial music sounds awful to me, just a bunch of irritating noise. I try to make a prettier package with my tracks.

3. Live, studio, or personal home use?
All three.

4. Level of synth expertise? (beginner, intermediate, etc)
I've been playing keys for about 3 years but still I'm sadly a beginner. I've have definitely improved over time with my playing and programming, but I still see myself as a newbie. I'm much better at programming sounds.

5. List what gear you already have.
I have an Alesis Ion and a QS 6.1, A microkorg and an N5-EX, A Roland R8 mkII and SP 404, A digitech Vocal 300, A self built XP box running FL Studio 7 with a Soundblaster Audigy ZS2 Platinum sound card. Plus a digitech digidelay and a boss rv-5 reverb pedal for the Ion.

I admit that I have gearlust for the Virus TI, the Waldorf Q+, the Alesis Fusion 6HD, and I probably already have everything I need to make decent music. So should I save up and get after some or all of these synths or shut up and get to work with what I've got? Could any of these synths be a recommended must have, like the Fusion? Cause I don't have any good FM capabilities. Would the Fusion be a better MIDI controller than the QS6.1? I know I could make decent music with what I've got, but I want to make great music like what I've programmed with FL Studio. Examples can be found here Now can I make this kind of music live with what I have... insert real guitars, an electronic drum kit, and a couple of synth players? Is it possible? Would anyone trade a Fusion6HD for my QS 6.1, Korg N5-EX, and Digitech Vocal 300?

Posted: Wed Jul 11, 2007 5:49 am
by Fritz
I guess this is better than any other place to ask, so I just will:

1. What is you budget?
Preferably at or under 400 dollars.

2. What are you into? (music, sounds, etc)
Ugly noisy s**t (more specifically noisy hardcore), such as The Locust, Holy Molar, Rwake, Pig Destroyer, as well as some prettier and dancier sounds that would still fit within this realm such as Genghis Tron and Ratatat, and if possible, overall ambience.

3. Live, studio, or personal home use?

4. Level of synth expertise? (beginner, intermediate, etc)
I can play piano slightly well, and understand the basics of synthesizer programming, so somewhere above beginner, but not that far above.

5. List what gear you already have.
No synth specific equipment, I would be running my synth through whatever effect pedals I ultimately decided sound good into a large bass amp, playing in a band situation. I am currently playing just an organ, piano, and keyboard until I can afford something real, but unfortunately the organ broke.

I sort of jumped head first into this, I was looking at some of the cheaper vintage analog pieces. I don't have much preference as far as monophonic or polyphonic, I don't need to play chords though I would if I had the ability to, but I would prefer something fat and big sounding. I was initially looking at the Roland Juno 60/6, Korg Polysix, Micromoog or Realistic MG-1 or Rogue, Octave Cat/Kitten, or something similar, however a lot of these seem to go out of my price range.

I have played floor models of many of the newer synths being suggested here, such as the analog modelers (MS200, Microkorg, Ion, Micron, etc etc etc) and been pretty unsatisfied with them. I would consider a digital machine if need be, but again, what I've played I haven't liked as much. I would also prefer normal size keys since it is what I'm used to and I have large ugly hands.

Looking for a Synth!

Posted: Wed Aug 15, 2007 8:21 pm
by sebazo
I'm looking for a Synth and i'll start with the answering:

1. What is you budget?
I'm in Argentina. Here U$S 1 is like AR$3, so i'm looking for something like U$S 500 (AR$1500) or less. It could be a used synth too.

2. What are you into? (music, sounds, etc)
My favourite bands are: Pink Floyd (my favourite), Radiohead, The Beatles, Keane, Dream Theater, Coldplay. I'm tryng to achieve that kind of sound, and a nice piano sound too.

3. Live, studio, or personal home use?
All three. I want something portable with good sound and i want to record at home (you can give me advice on wich software is better for MIDI recording and Digital recording too :roll: )
So i need something that would easily be connected to my pc.

4. Level of synth expertise? (beginner, intermediate, etc)
I've never used a synth. I play piano (and have a lovely piano at home :))

5. List what gear you already have.
As I Said: I have a piano (FL Neumann Hamburg... i think it's from 1895) but have no synth and no experience with synths.

Posted: Sat Oct 27, 2007 10:21 am
by stix
Me, i have a really hard time just buying one of those DO EVERYTHING synths. Like the Yamaha Motif, Korg Triton, or Roland V-Synth GT. Now the v-synth gt is fooking awesome and is a lot of fun to play with but i couldn't afford a 3,000 dollar synth. h**l the most expansave thing i got is my mircoWAVE XT or CS6x and even the CS6x dose a lot. and i love the fact it can have plug in boards. I'm really into synths that do one thing and do it well. Like my a-station i just bought. It dose those really nice squishy/liquid sounding resonance filter sounds. Thats why i got it. My microWAVE dose wave-tableing, my cs6x dose AWM or (prerecorded waves) very well and it sounds big and awesome. Now the next thing i want to get is a Evolver... because its weird and dose what it dose well. So what im saying is it really dose matter what kind of music your wanting to make and how much your willing to spend.. Me im willing to spend a lil bit all the time. I need to learn how to save money better :D but then i would probably buy a Moog Voyager. I really want a "real" analog synth but haven't thought of what to get. And if i really could get whatever i wanted... and it be analog, that would be it :) probably with blue or red LED lights :D hehe
So yea if i had all the money in the world to buy a new studio but i had to get rid of what i own now. I'd get a Roland V-Synth GT and a Moog Voyager.


Posted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 11:36 am
by Jack Spider
I thought I'd take the liberty of moving this from General, as it contains some very valuable advice on buying a synth.

Help purchasing synth for my son

Posted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 6:19 pm
by bmoon
My son has asked for a synth for his13th birthday. I have about $200. to spend. Could scrape up a bit more if it was a significant better item. Currently he plays piano and drums. He is into Oppenheinmer, TMBG, ELO, Pink Floyd etc. He has stated that he would like it to be able to have a microphone connected to it and process vocals. I don't want to just buy him something inexpensive on Ebay that doesn't have any room to grow. Something basic but not c**p. He seems genuinely interested in investing some time and energy into this. any help or recommendation on what to look for would be appreciated. Oh his dad is a computer and electronics guy if that helps.

Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 5:26 am
by mylotron
it sounds like he wants a microkorg

Posted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 12:00 am
by donnysawtooth
Quote:The sounds I'll want most resemble what's being using in soft rock, Adult comtempory, 'smooth' jazz. I'll need very realistic orchestral instruments, and nothing particularly ethereal or 'techno.' Clear, tight, uncluttered arrangements, songs/sounds/artists I like are...
a. Latter-day Sting. (Some older Police sounds like they used one mic in a garage, and no synths)
b. A producer named (Tony?) Britton did some Tina Turner stuff I like. (What's Love Got to Do With it?....Hero....
c. Bee Gees 'Saturday Night Fever' seems to be ahead of it's time. What else sounded that clean in the late 70's? Maybe it's cause they hired a full live orchestra.
d. Quincy Jones - my fav producer. Off The Wall, The Dude, Thriller. Sometimes I think I should try to emulate him and forget everyone else. That'll work. He has combined synths with acoustic instruments beautifully. He either hires the violins or has a damn good string machine.

Dude you need a DX7, and a new record collection

Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 2:11 am
by MPrint
Okay so I am thinking of buying a little phatty, but I wanted to know if I am making the right decision.

1. I can spend a maximum of $1500
2. I need something that has nice fat analog sound
3. I need to be able to use effects for other audio.
4. Arpeggiator would be nice.
5. The music I make is electronic hip-hop similar to Ratatat/Poly/Mike Boo(Dunhill Drone). We use turntables to manipulate instrument samples, keyboards, occasional guitar, and sequenced drums in Ultrabeat.
6. I need good leads and basses-some pads would be nice too, but their not a priority.
7. I use Logic instruments, microkorg and sometimes an Ion, but it's not always at my house to play with.
8. I need something that can compliment the microkorg as that is what the other keyboardist uses.
9. I would like to not get something used because I would hate having something repaired all the time, but if it's necessary for something that would suit me then so be it.

So is the little Phatty for me or not?