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Post by Solderman » Fri Jul 25, 2008 7:06 pm

shadowshocker wrote:I decided I'm gonna get the Electrix Filter Factory. Maybe not the best filter, but for only using the High-pass filter, it's the cheapest I could get. Anyone have any experience with this?
It does sound pretty much like a digital recreation of a filter due to its clean output stage.

+1 on the "buzz" stage before the filter though. Used in a subtle manner, it adds a bit more character than without. The bad thing aboout the FF is its main input(before the buzz stage) is kind of sensitive, and clipping the FF first input stage is very unpleasant sounding. You are forced to keep your input signal at a lower volume than you might want, or compress it pretty heavily before going in.

The coolest thing about the FF is the ridiculous amount of resonance,(to the point of speaker damaging response) and the enevelope follower. It also has a CV for cutoff, but I've never tried it, although if that works, it could be useful for a number of modular possibilities. It's supposed to have Midi Clock sync for the LFO's, but I've had trouble in the past getting it to stay in sync. Could just be timing at the source.

I use it mainly as a mono insert effect since 4 poles is forced to mono anyway. Admittedly, the configuration I use most is mild buzz distortion into 2 pole lowpass, but there's a nice bit of versatility, especially playing with the wet/dry mix. The one that blew my mind was the Band Pass set at a very very low cutoff with resonance very very high. Give it even a meager bass sound and without changing the rest of the signal that much, it will rattle your speakers and shake the floor!
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