Korg Trinity Rack Mount

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Korg Trinity Rack Mount

Postby Scotteralus » Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:58 pm

I have an opportunity to get a Korg Trinity Rack Mount at a good price. Does this do everything the original synth does? Any knowledge (as well as opinions/advice - especially what kind of controller one would recommend if any stand out) would be GREATLY appreciated. As the French would say - Mercy Buckets.


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Postby crystalmsc » Tue Jul 22, 2008 9:07 am

Scotteralus wrote:Does this do everything the original synth does?

it basically the same engine with the Trinity which would do anything that the original synth do, except:
- No Solo/Moss (Prophecy/Z1 board) expansion
- No Sample Playback Option
- No HDR option
But it has an additional of:
- 8Mbytes new PCM, selected from TRINITY's four sample disk libraries
- 256 progs/combis, special for the TR rack (many using the additional PCM)
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