Old Yamaha CP electric pianos

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Old Yamaha CP electric pianos

Post by otto » Sun Jul 27, 2008 6:58 pm

Are these worthwhile? I could pick up a CP11 for cheap locally but if it is just a wast of space I'd rather not bother. ANyone messed around with one?
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Post by knolan » Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:53 pm


I'd never tell someone else what not to buy; but bare the following in mind:

- It's an electronic piano, not an electric piano. So the sound is nothing like the CP70 and 80.

- Most electronic pianos from the 70's ane early 80's - pre sampes like this one; sounded awful.

- that said, I own a beautiful CP35 (bought for just 50 Euro new two years ago from Yamaha Ireland - it sat in its box for over two decades) and because it has a lot of tone adjustment and a velocity sensitive keyboard, it can sound pretty good (though I do not keep it out as it's not that useful and takes up a lot of space). That said, I also own a CS70M and the CP35 can play that, if connected. If I ever acquire the correct cable it'd be nice to play the CS70M over a 6 octave weighted keyboard (though with no velocity response of course).

So if the CP11 has various tones whcih you like and is velocity sensitive it might find minor use.

- The CP 11 is pre MIDI so it can't be used as a controller.

So overall, I'd recommend you try it before you buy it, but realistically you should not pay more thab $20 for it even if you like it. I'd view it more for spare keys if they match the keys of other yamaha vintage synthesizers at the time (for example the CP30 keybed is the same as the legandary CS80 so is very useful for that reason).


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