Piano and Organ : Nord Electro Rack or NI Komplete klassic

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Piano and Organ : Nord Electro Rack or NI Komplete klassic

Post by Umbe78 » Wed Sep 03, 2008 10:06 am

like in the sunject ... I chose rack version because I don't have money for 73 or 61 keys ...
NI Komplete Klassic gives me Akoustik piano , Elektrik piano , B3 and Pro 53 ... and it costs LESS ....

I'm looking for people who have tried both .. or people who has made a switch from one to another to give me some reviews

just one of us

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Re: Piano and Organ : Nord Electro Rack or NI Komplete klassic

Post by spookyman » Wed Sep 03, 2008 2:39 pm

For live use, i would give a preference for the Nord Electro Rack. The last acoustic piano you can download on the clavia website is really not bad. Fits good in a mix. It's the same for the organ sound. Perhaps not the best available today, but perfect sounding for live use. And with a great stability of the system. No need to reset all the s**t.

For studio use, go for a VST solution. You can have monstruous acoustic pianos and superb sounding organs. But with the appropriate hardware...A good programmed Beatrix (on Linux) sounds way better than a Nord Electro B3 simulation. And Akoustik Piano has much more layers and deeper samples than the "small" 9.9 MB Steinway of the Nord Electro.

So i would say it depends of your use.
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