Alesis Ion vs. OB-12

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Alesis Ion vs. OB-12

Post by cprescott08 » Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:28 pm

I realize this may be a bit of an odd comparison but, I believe these are fairly similar machines
in that they are both Analog modeling synths with comparative features?
Which would you all recommend for better overall Analog sound quality most importantly and
sound sculpting possiblities in general?
Might also be interested in any other similar boards you'd recommend in this price range?

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Re: Alesis Ion vs. OB-12

Post by wickfut » Tue Sep 16, 2008 11:29 pm

stay away from an OB12 unless you want an unreliable , unfixable , bug ridden , underpowered chunk of a keyboard. :)
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Re: Alesis Ion vs. OB-12

Post by Bitexion » Wed Sep 17, 2008 1:44 am

Hmmmyeah, I don't think they are very comparable other than that both have lots of knobs. The Ion has 1 knob per function more or less (the 3 EG's are share on the same knobs). But the OB12 has all sorts of strange bugs and issues that can't be sorted out anymore. Ion is also known as the most "analog" of the VA synths. I've owned one for 4 years, it's awesome sounding. A huge difference is all the filter types on the Ion, more than a dozen emulated filters from various vintage synths to custom 18dB filter and comb filters and whatnot.

I played an OB12 in a store once, very peculiar, the effects section was bonkers, the reverb would only kick in at certain points, same thing with distortion, lots of dead spots on the knob. I've read many of the issues were fixed with an OS update.

But I'd still go for the Ion. It's newer, and less prone to break down. A rock solid synth. No plastic other than the keys and side panels. The body is all polished metal.

Not many effects though, no reverb and only slapback delay (very very short), plus a few phaser and flangers, and some really nice amp emulations, but anyone semi-serious has an external rack module or two with reverbs and delays and whatnot anyway, so I don't miss that.

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