why macbooks?

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Re: why macbooks?

Post by JBL » Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:31 pm

I used PC's between 2000 and 2007ish (I'm young ok) and I switch to mac in early 2008ish and so far I had more problems with the macs in like 1/7th of the time than with pc's I'm now as confortable with os x as I was (am) with windows, at work I use windows xp, in fact I barely ever used vista.

Considering what I just said, my main machine is still a mac and it will be like that for a little while, I like os x, but I would never pay more for an interface that is very close to windows and that runs pretty much the same softwares.

Some people complain that macs are faster... bullshit, it's the same hardware, same specs, same speed, of course, a 400$ dell laptop bought in 2005 running vista IS slow, it would be just as slow if it was sold by apple and running vista.. yes vista takes a lot of ressource, certainly more than os x 10.5.6, but you can always run xp.. I'm not sure if xp takes less ressources than os x 10.5, but it probably does.

Now about the overpriced thing, I used to be part of that cult, but it's not always true... yes, 3 weeks ago (because they just updated it) the mac pro's price was ridiculous, like selling ddr2 800 ram for 800usd per gb and selling 1000tb hhd for like 500usd at the same moment as I bought my 1500tb for 140usd... crazy.. but if you buy your apple gear at the right time, it's already a better deal, buying a mac pro today makes a lot more sense than buying the one that was sold last month.. which was about the same price for a pile of obsolete hardware. I also noticed that this overprice thing mostly apply to the high end apple products. I don't feel that the 1000usd macbook is overpriced.. yes it probably got less ram, less hdd space, but the cpu is mostly the same (if not better, celerons are pieces of c**p) but you can upgrade the ram (yourself, don't ask apple to do it lol it's gonna cost you a fortune) for really cheap and in the end, you get nice design, compact laptop with good battery life that runs an operating system that many over estimate but that is still pretty damn good.

My best reason to buy a macbook (if I was into laptops) would be to avoid buying a laptop with vista and like 1 000 trial softwares and driver problems, the mac book is complete with some really nice and useful softwares (ical, adresse book, the simple stuff like that, I'm not refering to garage band and the useless imovie here)

So yes, buy the low end mac book but if you need high end specs on a desktop machine, build it by yourself at a really good price and run the operating system you like best (yes, that include os x)

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