What would you sell to help fund andromeda, if u were me?

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Re: What would you sell to help fund andromeda, if u were me?

Post by clusterchord » Sat Dec 19, 2009 7:03 pm

pflosi wrote:
Synthaholic wrote:
clusterchord wrote:i do admit , one area where they really fkd up, and where the digital mod sources show their ugly side is PWM. its absolutely uncomparable with my jupiter or other oldies, in this area.
I guess that explains why I haven't had much luck making PWM patches on the Andy that I like.
set the engine optimizer to "very smooth lfo / pwm" and "dark bass - warm pads"

huge difference IMO

duh. that's the first thing i did. it still aint it. pales in comparison to vintage PWM. however, there are times when this "grindy/dark" PWM patch i made on A6 works fantastic.. where i dont need/want the liquidy/sweet "classic" pwm. so, a "not good" sound in one context, may be used to great sucess in another track. no rules, of course. and i dont ever expect any single synth to cover everything. that's why its nice to have at least two polyphonics of complementary, or oposite nature..

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