Weighted keys and nice pianos, Kurzweil?

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Weighted keys and nice pianos, Kurzweil?

Post by n3wt15 » Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:41 pm

Right now Im trying to think of my best option for a master controller, 88 weighted keys with nice pianos, orchestral sounds, and other synthy elemtns would be nice as well...but not exactly needed.
Im leaning to the kurzweil series, I used to have a 2500xs for a while and really enjoyed it, kind of a stupid move to sell it...but it happens.
Anyways, kicking around the idea between a 2600 and a Pc3x....wondering if anyone has anything to say about either of the two, or wants to recommend something else.

Im not getting anything for a little while still, just want things to think about until the funds are ready.

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Re: Weighted keys and nice pianos, Kurzweil?

Post by memory cords » Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:02 pm

The PC3x is an excellent keyboard. It's expensive but it's got a beautiful sound. All the standard Kurzweil sounds plus the VA engine sounds good from the hour I spent with it in a local shop.

I wouldn't recommend the 2600 anymore since I believe it still uses old fashioned backup methods. But it's a good keyboard apart from that problem.

I have a K2500 myself and I really love it for electronic piano sounds and pads. But would love to upgrade to either the 2661 or the PC3x in the future because my K2500's floppy drive and SCSI connector are getting a bit dodgy.

If I remember correctly Rick Wright used Kurweils exclusively on 'The Division Bell' tour and the David Gilmour 'On An Island' tour, he was able replicate the sounds of his old Oberheims, Moogs, EMS, Sequential Circuits synths very well.

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Re: Weighted keys and nice pianos, Kurzweil?

Post by SynthatticCA » Mon Nov 01, 2010 11:30 am

I'd say look for an Oberheim MC3000 on Ebay. I got mine secondhand on Ebay a year ago for about $500, and I absolutely adore the hammer action, and it's the most versatile master controller I've ever seen. It's not perfect, but I've never seen a perfect controller, so this is as close as it gets!
Only thing is it is a strict controller and NOT a sound source like the Kurzweils. While I love the Kurzweil stuff in every other way, I can say they aren't too dependable on the road, though I am referring more to the K series and the PC88/PC2x (no info on anything later than that). The music retailer I used to work for was also a repair center for most major brands, and the Kurz's came in 3 to 1 to every other brand in terms of broken keys and burned out boards.

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