K&M Spider pro VS Ultimate Support APEX AX-48

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K&M Spider pro VS Ultimate Support APEX AX-48

Post by BlackGnosis » Mon Dec 17, 2012 9:30 am

Okay, I've got this three tier stand thats pretty loaded up, but I want a 2 tier for travel and to help spread my synthesized wealth of my studio. I like both designs, and I've read great reviews about both stands. Its intended use would be fore studio and gigging.

Pros for the K&M:
Since my studio is currently carpeted (I wanted the dampening for recording voice) The K&M seemed ideal due to having spread out points into the floor rather then a Mostly T shaped flat contact surface. Space for control and expression pedals is a plus but not necessary.

Cons: Might need a carry bag due to lacking a handle or carry strap, heavy (25 lbs for the frame alone!) bulkier then the AX-48.

Pros for the AX:
Tried and true gigging reputation. Its robust! Affordable, and sets up super fast, Frame is modifyable without needing to use specialized tools or completely take apart assembly, Lighter weight and has a built in carry handle.

What I like in both:
I can change height, and place a Virus KTI and a Heavy controller + a few goodies and all is well. Both seem to have outstanding reviews for them,

Questions about products:
If anyone has used the K&M with its laptop stand accessory PLEASE give me info on if it is practical with large notebook laptops (I use a 17.3" ASUS G73SW, which has a 16.5 x 12 x 2 inch closed footprint ). Especially if this accessory wobbles at all, if it doesn't I can secure the laptop to it with straps or something.
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