Prophet 08 or Mopho x4?

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Re: Prophet 08 or Mopho x4?

Post by bendragon » Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:17 pm

pflosi wrote:No, not needed - at least I do not need them at all. It's just for panning, pan is one of the modulation destinations in the matrix. I personally never use that, if I want pan automations I do it in the DAW. Especially on the DSI stuff where no cool tricks a la voice spread (as is possible on a very rudimentary level with the A6) are possible, but mostly boring LFO->Pan... YMMV, but I don't need the stereo outs.

Obviously, when you record stuff / for studio work this is not an issue at all - you could also adjust the levels after recording (in the DAW), so not even needed to do it on the I-ONIX. I was more talking about live situations (I bought this combo almost exclusively for live use)... For those situations, I really want a submixer - since sending them to the same bus on one big mixer is also not cool IMO, because you need to adjust all sends and EQs on both original channels. Only a submixer helps here IMHO.
I'm purely a studio musician so its nice to know I wont have to take up an extra input by outputting stereo from the Mopho. I actually like to adjust the audio input via the I-ONIX to get all synths to sit as close as possible to -3db in Logic; that way I only have to do a bare minimum of tweaking using Logic's mixing console to balance everything out - plus, multi-timbral units like the Blofeld and M-50 have each timbre's volume set via MIDI - so to have everything at a common level to begin with makes it a bit easier for me. Little odd ball but I like it.

I have decided, however, to go for the Mopho x4 when I eventually spring for one. I think it makes more sense to have one poly-keyboard rather than two little boxes that frankenstie together in a studio setting. I'll be off buying a new mixer this afternoon instead of the synth like originally planned, though, so I'll be waiting until early next year to get the Mx4. 4 stereo inputs (8 mono) on my current mixer isn't enough for 8 synths - 4 of them needing stereo to get the full effect of the sound engine. Mackie 1220i has been reduced to £470 over the holidays; too good to pass up me thinks. :)

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