Mixer with USB and Multiple Aux Sends around $500?

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Mixer with USB and Multiple Aux Sends around $500?

Post by forcedopinion » Sun May 19, 2013 8:03 pm

I'm looking to upgrade my mixer. I've been eyeing the Allen And Heath Zed-14.

Reasons being -
-USB Interface (I don't have another interface and have just been running the outs of my current mixer into the IN on my computer, as you can guess the sound is not good).
-Stereo recording.
-Separate Mutes.
-Multiple AUX sends, but I want to do at least 2-3 stereo returns from my processors, not sure if I can do that with this.
-Volume faders instead of rotary knobs, which may not seem like a big deal but my current mixer has the rotary knobs and I'm not into those.
-It's under $500.
-I've actually used a friends before and it's a huge step up from my current Behringer mixer.
-I would also use this in a live setting as well as in my studio.

I record almost entirely synthesizers and play industrial, techno, ambient, film score, krautrock type stuff. I definitely want to start recording almost everything in stereo. I also record on a 4-track sometimes because I like the way tape saturation and synths/drum machines sound together.

Does anyone have experience with this mixer and, if so, what are your thoughts? 14 inputs is a little less than what I would want but that addition of the usb interface is the biggest selling point to me because otherwise I think I'd have to buy a mixer and a separate interface.

My concerns are the fx sends/returns - I would like to at least have a 2 different reverbs and a delay ready to go on the returns. Also, I'm hoping my next mixer has very little noise, if any at all.

Any other mixer recommendations so I could read up about them would be appreciated.

My budget is around $500 but slightly under would be nice.


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