Budget synthesizer for live dance sounds

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Budget synthesizer for live dance sounds

Post by ardude » Sat Nov 02, 2013 1:44 am

Hello everyone!

I was looking for a synth forum and google helped me find this place. I hope you guys can give me some sound advice :)

I'm a keyboard player in a student coverband, we play a lot of different music (basically from old rock songs to top 40 hits). I am used to playing piano and hammond sounds. I know enough about synth sounds to play songs like "liquido - narcotic" but I don't know much making and editing synth sounds.

I think would be really cool to be able to play convincing covers of current top 40 dance songs. Just to give you an idea of the kind of sounds that I'd like to make:

Avicii - Levels: synth at the start

Snoop dogg - sweat: synth at 0:40

Rihanna - we found love: synth at 1:20 and bigger synth at 2:00

Gavid Guetta - She wolf: synth at 1:30

Swedish house mafia - one: synth at start and bigger synth at 1:10

Swedish house mafia - don't oyu worry child: synth at 1:50

I don't need to play an exact cover of these songs, the small arpeggiators and subtle synths in the back aren't importent to me, but I'd like to recreate the main usually phat synth sound. To help me do this, I'm looking for a budget synthesizer to reproduce these amazing synth sounds in a live setting. I come from a background of playing the piano and keyboards and I'm not at all familiar with editing sounds on a computer. I really dislike playing with a laptop next to my keyboard, so I'm looking for a hardware synthesizer.

I was thinking about a microkorg. Would it be possible to recreate sounds and effects like the ones I mentioned above? I read it only has 4 notes of polyphony. I figure this might be a problem when you want to layer multiple patches to create a really phat synth sound. For example during the "swedish house mafia - one" you start with a synth sound, but multiple layers get added later in the song (around 1:10).
A microkorg XL has 8 notes of polyphony, would this be more suited?
Or do you have some completely different options for me?

Like I said, I'm a noob when it comes to actually editing sounds and synthesizers, so please share with me all the ideas you got :)

p.s. It would be a real bonus if the synth could also create sounds like these:
Michael Calfan - Resurrection (Axwell's Recut Club Version): synth at 1:20, bigger synth at 1:30 and even bigger synth at 1:40

Nero - promises: synth from 1:08 including the dubstep synth (wobble bass)

Tokyo Tapes
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Re: Budget synthesizer for live dance sounds

Post by Tokyo Tapes » Sun Nov 03, 2013 2:03 am

Hay there mate.

Well, i'm not a big expert or anything but within the range of sounds you posted, i think a Nord Lead would suit your needs, a friend of mine used to play in a hits band a lot daft punk and other things with one of those pretty well.

As you said it yourself, the Microokorg is capable of achiveing the sounds you mentioned but there are some limitations, the Nord is much more tweakble.

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