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Polymorph or Elektron A4?

Posted: Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:16 am
by breitt
This may seem a silly question on the face of it what with Elektron's superior (analog) sound engine and its parameter locks and just being more modern and relevant, etc., but there is only 1 piece of gear I regret selling years ago (and I've sold and traded tons of it)--the elusive and semi-mysterious Quasimidi Polymorph. It just had a workflow and a darkness to it that I liked far more than the brain-melting Spectralis even.

Now that I have my tax refund, I was set to spring for the A4 desktop (I've been looking for a semi-all-in-one type unit to replace my Spectralis), but I 'm having a few doubts. I've used the Elektron interface on the MD and the MnM, and found it quite intuitive, but I've read that some people feel the A4 screen is just too small and the knobs are cluttered into too small of a space, and that the workflow is somewhat daunting. Also, I read that there is no reverse or random selection for the sequencer, a feature I used frequently on the Polymorph. I know that there are hundreds of things I can do on the A4 that I can't do on the Polymorph, but if the tiny Elektron screen and potentially tedious workflow detract from the fun of creating, then is it worth it?

Does anyone feel that there are any logical reason not to go with the A4 and to pay a slightly exorbitant price for a Polymorph?

Sorry-I just noticed a similar thread from a year ago, but now that people have had more time to use the A4, an updated answer won't hurt.