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Re: Waldorf Micro Q/Blofeld

Posted: Tue Apr 22, 2014 9:06 pm
by Rezisehtnys
So it arrived yesterday, played with it all day yesterday. Was on OS 2.18 so after playing with it for awhile I updated it to 2.23 and reloaded the 2001 factory bank, which apparently only one patch had been removed anyway. As an added bonus it came with the original box, and it looks like it has spent most of its life there. For once things arrived better than described, much welcomed than my previous stints of perfectly functioning gear not being so. My first impressions going through the presets were mixed, I have a good idea as to which I'll be initializing. Not very many that show the strengths of the virtual analogue side, as it's replacing the AN1x I couldn't help but have them side by side and do some basic comparisons. Raw oscillators, both set to 4-pole LP and volume as close as possible through my mixer. I couldn't help but notice the Waldorf oscillators have more bass and fullness from middle C down, from there up they're fairly equal with the AN1x. I was impressed, from the way everyone talks I was expecting the Waldorf to be an "OK" analogue emulation and just hope it sounded almost as good as the AN1x. Where it really was cemented was doing some filter sweeps and introducing resonance. The Waldorf behaves more like an analogue synth does, something about the attack portion of the AN1x I've always found weird and never really liked. That aside, the Waldorf filters are more detailed and richer sounding. I couldn't believe it, so I went through the Waldorf initial patch to make sure there wasn't multiple oscillators or some kind of bass boost going on. Surely enough just one lowly oscillator. That and there's now triangle and sine waves without cheating and using wave shaper on the AN1x. The freedom of 3 LFO's and 4 envelopes is really welcome, and oddly enough I find the Micro Q easier to program. The AN1x isn't bad, but when it came to modulation routing and that panel to the right there was much left to be desired. Overall I'm just pleasantly surprised. My only gripe is that apparently there's a bug and the Micro Q won't respond to poly pressure like it's supposed to... I guess the Blofeld would be the same way since it's more or less the Micro Q revamped. What's funny is reading through the Blofeld manual you can tell where they just copied the manual over as in some places it says Micro Q instead of Blofeld. :lol:

Re: Waldorf Micro Q/Blofeld

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2016 3:36 am
by zaphod betamax
Well, on the uQ, the M1S, M2S, M1F. M1F are not working in the mod matrix.
This is a major balls up!

meatballfulton wrote:Micro Q has one huge advantage over Blofeld....the features described in the manual actually work :shock:

After some 14 OS revisions Blofeld still has bugs. Loyal users praise the sound but admit that it is not a reliable beast, with multi mode and MIDI clock synching being the worst offenders. I even read a post from one user who advised choosing which OS to install based on which features you need...some OS updates broke stuff that had previously worked fine :oops:

Read up on the bugs and make up your own mind if they are show stoppers for you.

Re: Waldorf Micro Q/Blofeld(Q is here and first impressions)

Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 7:42 pm
by zaphod betamax
The modulation matrix is defective on the uQ.
For example, Release velocity does not work.
The M1S, M2S, M1F. M2F do not work.
Modifiers that work on a Blofeld don't on the uQ.

I had the uQ keys for a year.
Kept all 3 of my Blofelds.