hidden cost of using ebay

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Re: hidden cost of using ebay

Post by schmidtc » Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:33 am

It still happens. I packed a matrix 1000 at least that well. Via USPS parcel post it arrived in Hawaii 2 weeks overdue with the rack ears bent. USPS refunded me and it's in the boston postmaster's basement still fully working.

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Re: hidden cost of using ebay

Post by Synthetech » Fri Jun 06, 2014 9:48 pm

I thought this was going to be about "hidden" ebay fees.

Like how they take more of your money thru your shipping dollars..

ebay fee's are suppose to be about 10%, but when you add in your costs to ship, it's more, like 13%.

ebay and paypal should be removing the fees on shipping costs when you purchase a shipping label via ebay/paypal.. since they can verify exactly what you paid, then deduct that amount from what you received from the buyer.. THEN calculate the ebay fees.

Some items you list on there are locked in at a flat rate for shipping.. I tried to list a joystick on ebay under Computer Game Acc..
They would not let me choose my shipping costs,ebay auto set it at $6 for my item and I had no say in the matter.
To ship it to CA from NY it would have cost around $11 to ship.. so if I sold it for $5 and ships to CA,
I would have paid out-
Paypal 66c
Ebay $1.10
Shipping $11.00
Total 12.76
I end up giving the Joystick away for free and pay fees of $1.76 for PP and ebay!

I ended up listing it under Computer Mice, etc. so I could set my own shipping costs.

I MUST OVERHCHARGE for shipping in order to try and get back the money EBAY STOLE FROM ME. This of course only will work for a BIN listing, vs. taking chances with an auction if I have a set $$ amount I must get out of the item, minus all the rectum trauma they charge me.

Another hidden cost is Paypal.. when someone pays for an item (sold in USA) using a FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNT vs. a USA Bank Account, Paypal charges 3.9%+30c fees instead of the usual 2.9%.
I set up my PayPal account to BLOCK any Foreign Bank transfers.

Several times I have had buyers from another country bid/win the item and they would have it shipped to someone in the USA to relay the item on to them, outside the US.
The first time I had that happen, they used a Foreign Bank and I lost about $5 to the extra fees.. I put a stop to that immediately by changing my paypal preferences settings.
Thankfully I can block non US bidders today and not deal with these buyers.

I NEVER SELL OUTSIDE THE USA or to Alaska/Hawaii and or Canada.
It's too much hassle to deal with the postage fees and then the international laws, etc to deal with gets complicated when a problem happens.

I use to never buy from outside the USA, but I feel more comfortable doing so with ebay's Buyer's Guaranteed Satisfaction thing going on now... they refund all your $$$ and shipping costs if the item is not as described.. seller must pay for it to be shipped back if they want it back.
I've had to make a claim once so far on a China order that went bad.. horribly built PIC programmer with huge solder bridges on the SMD's.. took some close up pics, posted them up with the claim.. waited a few days, ebay refunded me the money when the seller didn't respond to the claim.. $10 item.. not much to cry over, but still.. I should get what i paid for, right?

I suppose I b***h about ebay fees like anyone else. But I'd rather deal with them and have the ability to list/buy on ebay vs. go back to the old way of commerce.
The trick is to be informed. Know EXACTLY what something will cost you and what protections do you have as a seller/buyer. If I cannot accept the costs/risks, then I dont do business.

Right now ebay is ALL FOR THE BUYERS with this new EBAY GUARANTEE going on. The sellers are the ones who's getting screwed.
All I buyer needs to do is complain an item isnt working right if they decide they dont like it (even though it fully works), then the seller must pay to get it back.. buyer gets ALL their $$$ back.. so the seller is out the return shipping costs AND the initial shipping costs too!

It's like this..

Item $20
ship $10

Seller gets $30 from buyer..
he spends $10 of it to ship item..

Buyer makes claim.. ebay takes your $20 PLUS ANOTHER $10 from your account to refund them!
So now you are out AN EXTRA $10!!!

Want the item back?? Pay ANOTHER $10 to have it returned.

So IT COST YOU $20 and you need to resell the item that is not broken.
Even if you sold the item locally for $20.. no shipping, etc. YOU GAVE THE ITEM AWAY FOR FREE since you lost $20 in shipping costs trying to sell it thru ebay.

Watch your a$$'s on da Bay!!

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Re: hidden cost of using ebay

Post by synthparts » Sat Jun 07, 2014 1:46 am

Just a thought but why not stop using ebay if you hate it so much? People were listing items for $1 and $500 shipping charges that's why they had to start including fees on the shipping. I've also always been able to specify my own amount for shipping in my listings so I'm not sure how you're running into that. Also If you're buying cheap c**p from China, you should always expect the worst...
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Re: hidden cost of using ebay

Post by Synthetech » Sat Jun 07, 2014 3:21 am

I never said I hate eBay, where did I say that? I did relate that I get frustrated with all the fees and rules that work against sellers.
My point was to be sure to know exactly what all the fees are and what they apply to.. to be sharp when selling.

Some certain items eBay will dictate shipping costs. I didn't believe it either until I ran into it myself. So it does exist, YOU just have not listed an item they dictate shipping charges for, yet.

The China item was a impulse buy. Lesson learned.
Sad thing is, it doesn't really matter if I buy direct from China or a reseller in the USA. It's ALL c**p BECAUSE it's ALL made in China.

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Re: hidden cost of using ebay

Post by plikestechno » Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:50 pm

Kids today...

Is Ebay a bit of a hassle? Yes.

Did Ebay used to be a lot better 5 years ago? Yes. Fees-wise and customer protection-wise. A few years ago all online retial and auction sites realized that without buyers there aren't fees. So they do everything possible for the buyer and to attract buyers.

But there was also a lot fewer synth buyers and sellers back then compared to now which is something Ebay cannot control. If you think a buyer or seller is trying to scam you CALL Ebay and Paypal and they will work it out. They will take both of your histories into account and take all precautions when selling.

But of course we live in a world now where people think they are entitled to everything and every service for free.

Here are my two experiences trying to consign and sell things locally in the olden days.

First, I was about 22 or so when I was sucked in to the whole audiophile thing. I went and consigned a preamp at my local audiophile store. They got a 30% cut when it sold and I had to spend ALL of my proceeds from it in the store as store credit.

I had a Denon dual CD deck back in my DJ days when it was still a hot item. I wasn't using it so I consigned it to my local equivalent of Guitar Centre. A few weeks later after it didn't sell, I called saying I'd like to pick it back up. When I went to pick it up they tried to give me some trashed rental unit saying it was mine. I said I wanted my unit in 5 minutes or I was calling the police. I took it back and that was the last time I ever tried to consign anything.

Since then I've used local ads with varying degrees of success (always expect to have to give a hometown discount and meet plenty of weirdos, but lots of nice easy deals as well), forums like this one and Ebay.

Paypal and Ebay might be a pain in the a*s but it's never been easier to buy and sell stuff, ever. I wouldnt have the studio I have now without them.
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Re: hidden cost of using ebay

Post by 8bit9bot » Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:16 am

plikestechno wrote: Paypal and Ebay might be a pain in the a*s but it's never been easier to buy and sell stuff, ever. I wouldnt have the studio I have now without them.
i'm not saying it's not worth it to use ebay at all... i'm saying the risks are high and it's easy not to know what you're getting into when selling on ebay.... and like i already said: switched on austin has way better deals than price-inflated ebay... its worth checking with them and perfect circuit audio before ebay.

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Re: hidden cost of using ebay

Post by Swayze » Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:44 pm

8bit9bot wrote:ok yeah ebay has some good points but sometimes it just pisses me off so much - why dont sellers have the ability to give negative feedback anymore?
I feel your pain. I've been using Ebay and USPS together for years now. Bought and sold a fair number of synths and I have only had a couple minor issues in the past. But I'm extremely careful to buy from sellers that cross all their t's and dot all their i's. I pass on listings that lack decent info and/or quality pictures. You can get a good idea what a seller is like by their attention to detail. Vague product descriptions and sellers claiming they know nothing about their item are red flags for me.

Ebay's customer support has always taken my side in cases that I've opened, on both the buying and selling end. When Ebay works the way it should, it's a great way to demo old synths and gear. If you're patient and "buy right," you can usually sell gear later on for a small profit or at least break even.

However, things can go wrong every so often and as of late, my biggest issue has been with non-paying buyers. I recently had to open back-to-back cases on the same item that wasted a month of my time. It seems Ebay is saturated with newbies these days that excel at effing up auctions.

As far as sellers not being able to leave negative feedback for shitty buyers...I asked customer support over the phone and was told, "It's ebay's way of attracting more buyers to the site. It creates an environment that is less intimidating to newcomers."

WTF, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. That carries the same logic as: To cure bed-wetting, take away the bed.

I have done zero shopping or selling on ebay since.

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