Yamaha CS60 Value 2014?

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Re: Yamaha CS60 Value 2014?

Postby molson » Thu Aug 21, 2014 5:28 pm

fh991586 wrote:So why did you buy it in the first place? Only to flip it?

Not only to flip it no.

If I come across older synths for a good price I purchase them and then clean them up and try to get any necessary repairs done. Through this process I also learn as much as I can about the synth, history, quirks, functionality etc.. and definitely have fun playing them. Recently, especially with older analog,s I try to make a collection of demo videos for posterity since these units are no longer being made.

Once the oscillators are properly tuned I plan to make another demo of the preset sounds, as well as demos of the ring oscillator, lfo, after-touch options, and a variety of panel sounds.

I'm not a good enough player to justify having such a nice synthesizer, but I appreciate them enough to restore and learn about them along the way. Also, I am not a gear collector, I only keep gear that I use on a daily basis and has a reasonable cost benefit ratio. Usually, if I get a new piece of kit, it means something I already have needs to go.

I know many people have strong opinions about the ever increasing prices of these old analog units, but the market is the market. If someone wants buy it for $4,000 why sell it for $2,000 etc..
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