Best MIDI for keys + pads?

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Best MIDI for keys + pads?

Postby Dirtchin » Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:25 am

Hi I've been messing with virtual synths and manipulating samples with DAWs for about 3 years now with only an Akai MPK Mini to my name. The keys are nice to have to mess around with melodies but the pads and knobs are lackluster. I am looking for a MIDI controller/synth that simply has keys and sensitive(or what you may consider good) pads for samples/percussive playing, but am overwhelmed with all the options, so to speak. I have tried the Akai Mpk49 and you really had to put pressure into the pads to get a sound out I feel, which I think would significantly hinder my ability to move around them quickly.

I wish to make music in the same vein as Crystal Castles, Panda Bear, Animal Collective, and New Order if that gives anyone a better perspective on what I'm trying to achieve. A piece of hardware that would allow me to improvise/tweak with minimal computer staring would be ideal. Quite frankly I'm growing tired of fiddling with ableton endlessly tweaking small things and using only a mouse/my A-L row of keys makes it feel like I'm not being musically expressive or productive. I would really appreciate any pointers or suggestions.
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