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Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard -- MIDI CC Data via MIDI Out?

Posted: Fri Jan 23, 2015 7:50 pm
by no_barcode
Does anyone here own a Blokey and know if it really doesn't send out MIDI CC data for encoder movements via its own MIDI out? I've seen this stated in a few places.

On gearslutz, I see this:
This isn't really a bug was a design choice made by Waldorf to save money I guess. The encoders to not transmit midi CC via the Midi Out. For the desktop unit which doesn't have a midi out this isn't an issue. I have a keyboard and a desktop unit though and I am completely OTB with no computer. The only way to make this work is either A. Use another control surface programmed to the blofelds midi spec. or B. I bought an IConnect midi and run my blofeld keys to the Iconnect using USB then midi I/O from the IConnect to my midi patch bay. This works fine though sometimes I have to turn the Iconnect on and off to get it to recognise the blofeld after long periods of nothing. (Overall impact to me: MEDIUM).
I contacted Waldorf and asked if this was true, and they said this:
where did you heard such stories ??

Blofelds encoder send Midi CC since years until today. Only, it isn’t a usual Midi Controller or Master Keyboards, therefore it hasn’t so much functions like one of the kind.
But I'm not sure if he realized I meant MIDI out. He may be talking about USB. But all of my external gear goes into my MIDI patchbay. So USB isn't really what I want.

I ordered one already, but can still cancel to avoid the hassle of a return.

Anyone? Help! :geek:

Re: Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard -- MIDI CC Data via MIDI Out?

Posted: Tue Sep 20, 2016 9:01 pm
by zaphod betamax
Sorry, but when a Blofeld keyboard is connected to a Blofeld module via MIDI OUT, the controlling keyboard's
changes (such as filter cutoff, etc, etc) are most certainly reflected on the Blofeld module!
Try it yourself......

Re: Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard -- MIDI CC Data via MIDI Out?

Posted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:50 pm
by zaphod betamax
Re-reading this post, I get a laugh out of hearing such stories about the non-transmission of CC
out of the Blofeld keyboard midi OUT.

Test Rig:
Blofeld Keys
Blofeld module
midi cable

When you change a paramater on the Blokeys, it is changed on the module.
What probably happened is the person espousing this misinformation was too lazy to
turn to the page that was being affected. For example, if you are editing the cutoff
on the Blokeys, you have to have focus on the filter cutoff on the module, in order
to see the change. It is not an ipad app, where things magically pop to where it is

Works on my test rig.