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Electribe Sampler vs. Roland SP404

Posted: Thu Jul 09, 2015 10:45 pm
by Tacowitch
Alright, so I'm currently looking for a hardware sampler for live use, and just to mess around with while on the train. Ideally, it'd be able to sample (duh), slice, edit, and sequence samples, be midi controllable (or at least syncable), able to store things longer than one shots, and have plenty of potential for improvisation. I've kind of narrowed down my search to the new Electribe Sampler or the roland SP404. From your own experiences, which one would you recommend. Also, if there's something else that falls within a similar price range, shoot me a recommendation.

Re: Electribe Sampler vs. Roland SP404

Posted: Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:02 am
by meatballfulton
Electribe hands down over the SP404 with one notable exception: the SP404 streams samples from flash media, so samples can be as long as you like...hours in fact...and there is zero load time.

In most other aspects the Electribe is superior. It has a built in VA synth engine, a far more advanced sequencer (16 tracks vs. 1), higher polyphony (24 voices), MIDI OUT as well as IN, USB interface, the ability to export sequenced patterns as audio files or Ableton Live sets :shock: . You do have to reload samples every time when powering on, although this can be automated (it finds the and loads files from the memory card).

Re: Electribe Sampler vs. Roland SP404

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:11 pm
by mysteryreligion
The sp404sx is pretty much industry standard at this point. Serious advantages include the killer on board effects, and live jamming capabilities, and sd card. With the sp404sx you can sample anything with av inputs, the quarter inch jack, or built in mic, then pop the sd card into your computer. You can also download software to load the sd card with samples/songs from your computer, and pop it directly into the 404.

Another serious advantage is that despite having hours of sampling time, you can swap out sd cards in mere seconds. The electribe is superior to the 404sx in the sense that it has 16 channels and a great step sequencer, up to 64x. My personal setup is an sp404sx sequenced by an electribe ea-1. I got the electribe for $25 and the 404 for $200.