Recommendations after Virus Ti

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Re: Recommendations after Virus Ti

Post by BlackGnosis » Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:17 pm

richradio2001 wrote:hey all

I'm looking for some ideas for potential replacement of my Virus Ti.

Whilst I love the Virus I do sometimes feel its starting to sound a little dated and that it might be time to part with it. I'm looking for the following kind of feature-set

- a synth that has FAT analogue sounds (I know the virus is pretty good here) - but is there something better?
- has bright sounds, strings, pads to die for!
- Something that has a great, versatile ARP feature
- Will need a decent sized keyboard (5 octaves ideally) that can be split, i.e. multitimbral.
- well-built but not massively heavy (like the virus is!!!)
- great, intuitive, hands-on interface. I'm not into digital LED panels really, so I'm thinking VA ideally (I love the balance the Ti gives in this respect).
- price: probably no more than £1000 (can be second hand) but I would consider more if there is a good reason I should!

Any thoughts? I feel the Virus does most of the above pretty well....but it is getting old, and I'm sure there must be something out there to rival it now!

Cheers people!


If you want a more portable virus, why not trade or buy a desktop version? Or a snow? Personally if some one offered me a trade for my desktop for a keyboard version, I'd leap on it because I like big heavy keyboards and no longer need to be highly mobile.

If you want a virus, get a virus. If you want things like a virus... You're talking about a laptop full of VST's then. Cause that's all a virus really is. A hardware device running a VST on USB 1.1 into a computer (Mines set up to be s;laved to my DAW and I take raw audio in via its outputs, better quality recordings.)
Ashe37 wrote:I find it funny that you're a guitar pedal snob and yet don't own a single analog synth.

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