About to snag a DX11...

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Miles Powerhouse
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About to snag a DX11...

Post by Miles Powerhouse » Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:15 pm

So I'm probably about to buy a DX11 from someone who found it in their closet (an OB-Xa or a Neuron would have been great, but this will have to do... ;) ) and has no idea if it works or not. From what I understand this synth is A) a variation on the DX7 and B) a keyboard version of the TX81z. I just have a few questions before I buy it:

1. Does it work well with external controllers for editing?

2. Are there only Preset patches that you can modify or can you make your own?
2a. If the former is true, would sysex be a good idea for patch storage?

3. I've read a lot about the RAM battery usually needing replaced after a long time. I know absolutely nothing about soldering so should I get someone else to replace the battery for me or is it easy enough to do yourself with basic knowledge? It looks pretty simple and I'm a very detail-oriented, careful person when it comes to repairs of any kind.

4. In the event that it does not come with an adapter, what kind should I get?

5. Anything else I should know about it?

Thinking of asking $200 if it works properly, $100 if RAM battery needs replacing.

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Re: About to snag a DX11...

Post by madtheory » Thu Jul 21, 2016 5:25 pm

It's a TX81z with a keyboard and a slightly better UI.

1. It's sysex only, so kind of doesn't, but you can use sysex to cc conversion like this.

3. You don't solder the battery. You cut out the old one and install a battery holder, then put the new battery in that. But if you don't mind resetting it every time you use it, you could forget about the battery (ya I know, c**p idea). It's a simple job but if you've never soldered, this is not the thing to learn on. Make some cables first. Do a soldering tutorial. Then, there are plenty of videos and blogs about doing batteries.

4. I looked in the User's Manual for you. It runs off the mains. Doesn't need an adapter unless you're buying it from abroad.

5. Um, it's FM with variable waveshapes, it has MIDI and it's multitimbral, and there are millions of free sysex patches on the web for it?

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