Kenneth Burgomaster: Stuck in the Middle Music

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Kenneth Burgomaster: Stuck in the Middle Music

Post by musictheorist » Fri Jul 06, 2018 3:33 pm

I spoke to Kenneth Burgomaster via email about the various sample libraries he used on the Disney Channel single camera show, Stuck in the Middle.

Bonus: Here is an interview of Burgomaster talking about the show's music. ... r-4150138/

The music for the show is very percussion heavy and rhythm driven. But it does feature some musical variety such as some Latin influences and other stuff.

"Burgomaster also weaves background elements into the score, for instance, taking the sound of Wagner playing in the background to a contemporary dub step in the next. When using public domain properties or elements that are featured in the background of sequences, such as the smooth jazz of an elevator, Burgomaster has to re-record the music to ensure it has the best quality possible." -Variety 411.

Here are his libraries. He als has live percussion recordings by LA session percussionist, M. B. Gordy.

- DM-307 by Heavyocity
- Storm Drum 2 & 3 from East West
- Superior Drummer/Latin Percussion/EZ Drummer by Toontrack
- World Impact Global Percussion by Vir2/Big Fish Audio
- Cinematic Percussion by Big Fish Audio
- Many collections from 8dio
- Stylus RMX by Spectrasonics
- Symphobia 2 by ProjectSAM (Not sure he used Symphobia 1 but Symphobia is definitely one of his libraries).

- Many Orchestral Libraries from East West such as Goliath
(There are salsa trumpets that he used on many music cues)

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