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Is there a plug-in version of a Technics PR 250?

Posted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:30 am
by Krenzathal
Hi folks,

My friend and I are re-recording some old material we did 20 years ago and he used his Dad's Technics Ensemble PR 250 for the synth sounds.

The keyboard is long gone unfortunately, but we'd love to recapture the mood of those old recordings by using the same synth sounds. There was an echo drop type sound called "bell synth" I think which was particularly good, as well as a really nice strings patch, so I was wondering if there was a Plug-In VST version or even a sample bank of that particular keyboard model's sounds?

The Keyboard itself is still going for around £300 and it's a big thing as I recall, so it wouldn't be worth buying the physical model just for a few songs on one project.

If anyone could help me with information on this I'd be most grateful. Or if you have that Keyboard model could you maybe provide a .wav sample of all the keys with the dry effect? (EDIT: Just one clear sample of a middle C which is held for 8 bars would actually do the trick).

Many thanks!