Korg VST programming

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Korg VST programming

Post by gstoelen » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:16 pm

Hi all,

I owned a keyboard version of the M1 a long time ago, and I wrote down a few patches I programmed into the synth. (I know, I should have exported them to sysex or whatever).

Now I bought the VST, and I'm trying to program my old patches into the software version, but the parameters I wrote down, don't show which block/section is which. In the VST, there are sections for the oscillators, VDF, VDA, etc etc.. Can any of you help with the translation from the programmed parameters in the hardware synth, to the VST? :)

Thanks in advance!

And this is what the parameters and their values look like : Image

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Re: Korg VST programming

Post by madtheory » Tue Dec 25, 2018 11:25 am

Ya I can get you started, I've quickly gone through, line by line from your page, just the OSC and VDF settings, I think you'll figure it out after that? It's fairly logical I think? If not let me know and I'll do the rest.

OSC tab:
Line 1: Multisound 1
Line 2: Multisound 2
Line 3: Pitch EG 1
Pitch EG 2

VDF tab:
VDF Cutoff EG Intensity
VDF 1 EG and all of its associated settings for example “F#2” is the centre key.

VDF 2 EG and all of its associated settings, works the same as VDF 1 EG.

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