Genesis keyboard patches

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Genesis keyboard patches

Post by HermanR » Fri Sep 04, 2020 8:53 am

Hi! Been reading and learning a lot on this forum but this is my first actual post.

As a huge fan of Genesis and especially the keyboard sounds, I was thinking we could share user patches or highlight factory patches that resemble the ones from the songs.

These days, there's pretty much at least one emulation of every piece in Tony Banks' gear:

- VL-122 (L-122 Hammond organ)
(I never quite liked it as much as their ProSoloist, I think it needed some more work)

- ProSoloVst (ARP Pro Soloist)
(As far as I know, the only PS virtual instrument out there. Would love it if someone made a Reaktor Ensemble with a nice GUI. I tried replicating some patches with my MS-20 and got some decent results.)

- RMI-EP (RMI Electrapiano)

- Arturia ARP 2600
but I think there are others... So far the only preset I found very close to the record is the "Two Mermaids" preset. It sounds like the thin lead used on "Unquiet Slumbers for the Sleepers..." and some of "...In That Quiet Earth". There also seems to be Prosoloist on that one.

- PolyM (Moog Polymoog)
I just been discovering this one, still haven't figure out which presets used. But there's a free demo, so do try it out!

- Strings 202 (Roland RS-202 string synthesizer)

- Arturia Prophet V (Prophet 10)
I think there is a tread about the presets it in this forum. But I'm happy to append them here.

- Arturia CS-80 V (Yamaha CS-80)
There's also Memorymoon's ME80
No idea of any patches used, nor have I succeeded in replicating any sounds. Too intimidated by the interface, tbh. Please, let me know if someone had a go at copying sounds.

- Arturia Synclavier (you guessed it... Synclavier)
Also there's some patch names in this forum.

- Emulator II
Now... being Tony's first sampler (he never received the sampler add-on for his Synclavier, so he got on of E-Mu's lovely ones) AFAIK he did most of his samples. I made a sample of the string phrase used on It's Gonna Get Better. Feel free to load it into your sampler of choice, cut down the noisy high frequencies and probably add some chorus to taste. Oh, and play C, G and C and enjoy!)

and up to the "shapes album" have I investigated. Feel free to discuss, but I'll mentioned

- Arturia DX 7 (Yamaha Dx 7) (main synth on Invisible Touch)

- Korg Wavestation (main synth on We Can't Dance)

I haven't found a virtual JD800 that has the infamous "I Can't Dance" percussion yet... :-(

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