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Postby Barbieri » Fri Oct 27, 2006 4:05 pm

braincandy wrote:Richard,

Have you had the chance to upgrade to Reason 3.0? I know that you said the Combinator was of particular interest to you, as you were still using Reason 2.5 at the time of your interview with Propellerheads.

Hi there,

Yes, I just loaded Reason 3 a couple of weeks ago. The Combinator makes all the difference. I'm just treating it as one powerful synth really, with each instrument as separate oscillators. Combining 3 or 4 Subtractors and a couple of NN-XT's with analogue samples of my Prophet makes for a pretty powerful patch.
Very useful also for textural, ambient loops and morphing FX.


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Postby clueless » Mon Oct 30, 2006 2:35 pm

If you are still lurking Richard.... Hello! I never contribute in the software section because I don't have any thoughts on it. I heard you were about and just wanted to say you very narrowly lost out to Mick Karn for the love of my childhood sweetheart. I ain't much younger than you and at the time it was either you or more probably Mick that was in her mind when she was with me!! :cry: We were (and I still am) big Japan fans. Don't know where she is now. Eh..... you ain't married to someone called Gillian are you. :lol:
Good to hear the passion is still with you. Don't know how you made those sounds man but they pretty much shaped my life. Thanks.
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