Arturia Jupiter 8V

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Post by D-Collector » Thu Mar 06, 2008 6:14 pm

juantwothree wrote:I just have to say that after selling softsynths for years (and thusly getting them all for free) I no longer delude myself into thinking that they sound like their analog counterparts. They are easier to program, they are lighter (and usually cheaper, too), but please people, they don't *sound* like real analog synths. It's all about the filter and no software has gotten anywhere close to recreating a real analog filter (ok, maybe the Oddity...).

Do yourselves a favor - use yr $200 and go get a ESQ-M - that'll fare much better put head-to-head with a real Jupiter than the JP8V.
I agree with you here.
In my ears the 8v sounds like software. Personally I feel many softsynth share the same sonic character. Not that they are all bad though.

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