am i the only one using cubase?

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Post by Yoozer » Fri Jul 18, 2008 7:52 am

Solderman wrote:
Yoozer wrote:I quit after SX3 and jumped ship to Ableton. The amount of work you have to do to create a new track and get a softsynth going is ridiculous...
It would depend on one's work style, I think.
Step 1: create a new track
Step 2: open the VST devices menu
Step 3: add a VST device
Step 4: route track 1 MIDI to VST device
Step 5: route track 1 MIDI so that it listens to your controller keyboard.
Step x: god help you if you ever want to assign controllers and the softsynth doesn't have MIDI learn.

In Ableton:
Drag a softsynth from the list of devices somewhere in the screen. Hit Ctrl+M, choose a parameter, move the knob, hit Ctrl+M again. Done.

It's the logical thing to do - sort of like Reason plugging the cables in the right order when you create a new instrument - when you pick a softsynth. Of course you want to use it on a track, otherwise you wouldn't have picked it. Of course it should use the default controller. Of course, MIDI out should be directly routed to the softsynth - why are those assumptions not made on beforehand? Why even hide a list of softsynths in a device panel at all, why (again) insist on a define-once-never-touch-again order of using them?

Step 1: open the FX window
Step 2: think really really hard on where you want to use it in the chain.
Step 2a: forget using more than 6 in a row, by the way.
Step 3: choose the effect
Step 4: save all your stuff if for whatever reason you have to move it, reopen it. Yes, I know that has been fixed with version 4, but:

In Ableton:
Drag the effect to a spot anywhere in the chain (which was possible already in 1999 when it first came out).

Yes, there's the issue of keeping workflow as plain and same-as-previous-version as possible, but something as minor as making effects draggable does not break key combinations or workflows. Software does not adhere to physical reality, and even physical reality is more flexible - just change the cables in the patchbay. I do not have to screw open my rack and change the order of the effects in the real world - why force me to do the same in the software world?
In Ableton, aren't you forced to keep all Midi events for one VSTI instance in one Midi track?
AFAIK, yes. An analogy of that would be to use an instrument in a mono- or multitimbral fashion, but that's again a construct in the physical world where it was not economical to implement effects in a true multitimbral mode (exception being the Novations with 7 effects per track), and it was not economical to buy 2 of the same synths just so you didn't have to bounce each time.

It's the same with sends and inserts - while sends have their use, the distinction blurs when you have an infinite supply of them and flexible routing.
Also, what is special sauce, timing? Does it come with a sesame seed bun? ;)
Linear Time Base, Active MIDI Timing, whatever you want to call it to avoid USB's issues with timing. It's probably one of the only reasons I want to try Logic for.
"Part of an instrument is what it can do, and part of it is what you do to it" - Suzanne Ciani, 197x.

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Post by toad » Fri Jul 18, 2008 10:23 am

I agree that the "non-reorder-ability" ?? of effects in Cubase prior to v4 sucks, i use SE3 myself.
But about the workflow issues; templates and keyboard shortcuts/key commands really make life a whole lot easier. You can make a template with all your favourite VST synths and effects loaded, along with their corresponding tracks. You can deactivate the stuff you don't use to save CPU. You only have to do it once, and it doesn't take very long to do.
That said, I'm considering switching to Live, becuase I hate Cubase :D

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Post by Stab Frenzy » Sun Jul 20, 2008 9:22 am

Yoozer wrote:
In Ableton, aren't you forced to keep all Midi events for one VSTI instance in one Midi track?
AFAIK, yes.
Actually you can send midi data from any midi track to the input of any other midi channel, so you could have multiple tracks feeding one plugin if you wanted.

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Re: am i the only one using cubase?

Post by Isthmus » Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:08 am

Cubase was the first proper DAW that I ever used, but I didn't stick with it. After discovering Ableton Live I knew I would never be able to use anything else. I've had to use Logic for some classes and although I didn't hate it the whole experience just reminded me of why I love Live.

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Re: am i the only one using cubase?

Post by philbar » Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:31 am

I've used cubase since 2003, and enjoy it immensely. i haven't upgraded to version 4 because a lot of vst's i use aren't compatible.

I'm also making a migration over to pro tools soon with a digi 003 coming my way in november, I've already tested and played with an 002 over the summer with a friend who owns his own small studio (i've been helping him on weekends)and i really like the way pro tools works. the thing with pro tools is that i need to build a pc thats pro tools only and keep it seperate. thats not a problem. i can export omf projects to it from cubase and then phase cubase out.

Access Virus Ti Polar + Ableton Live

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Re: am i the only one using cubase?

Post by WhinyLittleRunt » Mon Aug 25, 2008 2:35 pm

My issue with Cubase is that everytime I do an update, something else goes wrong. I stopped at 4.1.2 (Studio 4) after numerous attempts at installing the base application and then applying the latest hotfix immediately. 4.1.3 f's up the VST audio link for some reason. 4.1.2 is good enough for me. In fact, I remember for some reason I upgraded the first time (over a year ago) and the stock reverbs went missing.

With that said, I still use it because I'm used to the layout. My friend just got Logic and he was showing me all the things it can do, and while I'm a total Apple nerd and would love to use it, I can't break the Cubase habit yet. And, up until very recently, I recorded more audio than MIDI, so Cubase was more than sufficient. But yes, Cubase seems to have shitty MIDI timing, or at least the quantize function does because it always messes up the flow of my drums (I still don't quite understand quantizing and all it can do). But I find that, unless you want to input all that midi data by hand and mouse, you better have really good timing to a click track otherwise Cubase off-sets notes funny if you were like, milliseconds off the click. Then again it could always just be me not knowing what I'm doing like usual...

Lastly, the dongle is terrible. I used to run Cubase on my Mac Mini, and even though it sucked it got the job done. When I got a MacBook I loaded Cubase on that, and I immediately had an issue with the Syncrosoft licencing. After some updating I got it to work for both systems, but the intention was to use the laptop and record on the road, which I realized I'll probably never do for fear of losing the dongle. You lose that that's like dropping $500 bills on floor. I know it's illegal, but I'd love to find a way of duplicating that dongle. I understand why they use it and it is definitely effective, but its too small and risky. It makes gigging with a vintage synth more reliable!
I like vintage synths....

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